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What have you been told about anti biotics and MTX?

Morning guys

More stress. I've got another of those little bits of infected finger by the nail - it's not going away despite gallons of salt water iodine and fucidin.

only got over the last bout a few weeks ago!! Last time the rheum nurse told me to skip my MTX door a week while I took the fkucloxacillin.

But I am in the middle of increasing my does to try and counter the horrible state I am in with the RA.

The last thing I want to do is skip the MTX at the moment. Haven't actually seeem the gp yet - will hold out till tomorrow.

Have any of you guys continued MTX while being on anti biotics? And do you think I am getting these infections because of the damn MTX??!?!

Sending love to all


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I had an oral infection which became a nasty abscess and had to have anti - biotics, i was taken off MTX because was told the anti biotics wouldnt work with MTX.


it is so variable, as depends on the antibiotic, the strength of the infection, how many drugs you take that compromise your immune system and your overall health. Over the last 6 years I've hardly had any infections needing antibiotics, maybe 3. But each time I've been told to keep going with the MTX and other drugs. Try to ask the doctor rather than the nurse, as the nurse may well just be saying this by rote rather than thinking about whether that's right for you.


Hi I agree with helix. Mtx dampens down the immune response thus improving RA but when you have an infection you need some immune response to fight off the infection!

So for me when I have a infection I have always been told to stop Mtx and take antibiotics. Fingers can easily become very infected . But as H says I would ask the doctor for his take on your particular infection. Hope you feel better soon. X


As helix says it depends on the amount of immune suppressant drugs you take. As I understand we still have a working immune system in spite of that. After all RA is caused by an overactive immune system. I suppose if you are on max dose of biologics and MXT you might have to come off whilst taking antibiotics.


It is quite possible that you are reducing your immunity by taking the methotrexate and getting infections at the side of your nails as a result.

I can never see the sense of stopping one dose of methotrexate when it takes months to build up a high enough blood level and months to come off again. It's not as if the methotrexate is actually acting against the antibiotic.

I found using frequent applications of tea tree oil helped the side of the nail infections that I got while on methotrexate.


I am on permanent antibiotics to minimise the number of chest infections I het because I have a lung disease and difficult asthma. My rheumatologist is fine with this.


Thanks guys really helpful advice as always. Really don't know what I would do without you all!



my dentist researched this issue before giving me antibiotics for my latest abscess. He says the science suggesting a problem with MTX is unreliable but the antibiotic was low dose. This was at least the 3rd time I've taken both together with no detrimental effect showing up on blood tests. I hope this helps x


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