To Tilda

I am not aware of any problems on this site because I have only been using it a short time. I have been taking steroids and finding the side effects horrible. If Tilda does look at the site again, if she would like to talk to me away from the site then I would be happy to. I hope she does see this, and I can give her some support. Also to all the people who have responded to my posts and been so nice ( including Tilda) a BIG thank you.

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  • I too would like to add my name to that. I have been off site for a while now dealing with various issues and was looking forward to catching up with some of the old familiar names. Tilda - I do hope you are reading this, if you would like to get in touch with me on my direct email I'd love to hear from you again, x

  • Hiya our Creaky! Glad u r back , hope you are better now, u r a brave one and glad to hear from you on here again, can't wait on ur stories again, love A xx

  • I'ts been such a long time and journey Allanah that I'm struggling to know where to start.

  • I've missed you!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiya!!!!!! I've missed you too my dear Watson. Still penning those literary gems? xx

  • I am still trying to write the one that will fill up my dwindling bank balance.

    Much love to you my friend hope things are ok with you. Will (pm) you soon.

  • Glad your back Creaky and i hope your

  • So lovely to hear from you again xx

  • Good to hear from you, happy and pleased you are back! xxx

  • Maywing I will message u her email as she did leave it. But I need you too!

    I was so lucky on steroids, I only got the good effects but not many side effects apart from moo face , weight gain and hairy chin lol

    Even so they free me up so much I still am glad of them . Hope u have a great Sunday xxxxx.

  • Mags and now Tilda......what is going on here? Who are these people who are causing all these problems? What can we do about them? This is just terrible all this carryon. We need to stick together and sort this out. Report ANYONE who is is stepping out of line.....let's clean up this site so we can concentrate on helping people suffering from this terrible disease......that what we are here for after all.

    Tilda, you were very good to me when I was in a very dark place. You spoke to me privately and I was very great ful for your concern and help. There are many on here who will do what ever we can to help you at this time. We are all thinking of you. XX

  • I hope Mads and Tilda do decide to join us again as they have been excellent contributors to the site.

    :-( Carole

  • Love u all! Off for lunch yeah xx

  • Tilda has been amazing, in the absence of mums, aunts ect, Tilda has been the next best thing, supported, pushed me to seek help when I was doubtful, contacted me when she noticed I wasn't,t around on site for a while, always relied to a question even if it was only to show she cared.

    I am very lucky to have a contact for her outwith site and will pass on messages to her.

    Mads I,ll miss. I was tempted to leave also but there are so many amazing people here thankfully and without the support from health unlocked I don,t know where I,d be.

  • Oh, and thank you maywing! Was really glad to see this post :)

  • Maywing thank you for the opportunity to say i will miss Tilda and Mags so much. Its not write whats happening to this site. So hope both will see how much we care that they have gone xxxx

  • I agree with what has been said . I always read Tilda post as i found them very informative and helpful. I was wondering where her posts had gone. Tilda was always one of the first to answer anybody's post and is sorely missed by one and all. Come back we miss you


  • Three cheers to all of you and what you have said. xxx

  • So hope Tilda will be back, as I will miss her wonderful posts and helpful, friendly advice.

  • thanks to everyone who responded to my message. There are many kind and caring people on this site. xx

  • Tilda and Mads have been very supportive to me too. Hope they will come back, they'll be missed.

  • I have to say Tilda has been particularly helpful to me and like everyone else I will miss her. But I'd also like to say that Tilda has been in a very dark place herself of late and I think she really needs this site as much as we need her. I really feel sad about this but glad to see everyone supporting her and feel sure our messages are reaching her Rx

  • So well put Rosie. I haven't posted much for a good while on here, mainly due to viewing through my phone and I struggle to write on such a small device but I do read the posts each day and like everyone, draw so much from them. I'm so sad that this last few days events have happened, it's turned into such a mess and so much hurt has been caused, as can be the case I find sometimes when text or email conversations are read with a different internation or inflection than was intended. I really hope that those involved /upset /misunderstood can move forward and realise that this can be the way without the spoken word and that no true malice or harm was intended, just defensiveness reacting to a perceived criticism.

    I will greatly miss Tilda's marvelous posts, kind and knowledgeable advice and Mads too for her supportive comments over the last year I've been a member. Let's hope you both will realise how special you are and very much missed.

    Hope Tilda you are ok, am worried about you xx

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