Forgot to take MTX on holiday!! Think I have got away with it!!

Just come back from a lovely holiday in Tenerife with my hubby, daughter, son in law and two grandchildren. As usual I got myself all geared up to take my MTX on Sunday only to find that I had forgotten to pack the tablets in my medicine bag!! I had remembered a variety of other medication in case of a flare ( naproxen, tramadol, steroids, antibiotics ) but had completely forgotten the most important one MTX. I still can't believe I did that as I am usually pretty good at packing.

I am now 5 days late for taking the MTX so have taken it tonight as soon as I got home. I have felt okay up to now with only a few twinges in my wrists and fingers so I hope I have got away with it and the MTX kicks in straight away. It's certainly a mistake I will not be making again. Jean

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  • It seems we all do these crazy things at times. I recently forgot to take my warfarin when we had an overnight stay in Manchester to do with my daughters graduation. The family have never let me forget it as I am always the one who is telling them not to forget things and now I forget something that is potentially life saving.

    I got away with missing 1 night but it did upset my next INR reading and put me outside of my safe zone. You need a little reminder now and again to sharpen up the mind. :)


  • Jean where mtx is concerned it won't hurt to miss a week. If you have to go on antibiotics you have to stop it anyway,so one week missed won't hurt you as the mtx in your system won't go away.xxxx

  • I did't know this Sylvi and recently had Bronchitis. Was put on antibiotics for a week. My GP never said to stop the MTX. Hope no damage done but since then I've had a lot of hair loss.

  • It shouldn't do any harm,but a lot of drs and nurses don't reccomend you take mtx with

  • I agree with Sylvi Jean. Glad you had a good holiday. The sunshine break probably did you good.


  • Good to hear from Sylvi that missing a week of MTX will not do any harm. It was my first holiday since starting on MTX so I was a bit worried that I had undone all the good it has done but I will make sure I do not forget again. The sunshine was fantastic Carole.


  • I'm a fine one to give this advice because I keep forgetting to ask my Rheumy the answer. There are apparently 2 antibiotics that you can take with MTX (my GP didn't know which they were) so maybe if we all get to know what they are it would be a good idea in case we need anti-b's when we are away and see s strange doctor. I have missed a week with MTX a few times & have never had any flare ups afterwards, so I'm sure you'll be OK. However I had to come off it for 6 weeks due to an infection and it took a good 2 months before it kicked back in. Kathy

  • I have thought of missing my methotrexate just to have a week with out side effects but so far I haven't been brave enough. Don't feel bad about forgetting to pack your methotrexate as it seem when ever I go on vacation I also forget something!

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