15 weeks on mtx and dare I say it, but I think I'm improving!

Hi just wanted to post a tentative positive post, after all my moans! I've been on mtx 15mgs for nearly 15 weeks and this last week to 10 days I have definitely felt a lot less tired on my 'good' days. The pain in my hands and feet still gnaws away quietly. I take my mtx on a Saturday night; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I'm still shattered but the rest of the week is pretty good with Thursday being my 'good'.

Now I'm starting to improve will this continue in a fairly linear way or in blips? I really want to get back to work in the next month if I can.

Thank you to everyone on this forum for their kind and encouraging words, it's made such a difference xxx

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  • Hi--- so pleased you are feeling some improvement --- it's wonderful feeling "" you" again isn't it? Long may it continue 😊

  • That's it Jacki. I feel like Im waking up from a three month sleep! Xx

  • That's so good to hear Barb. Let's hope you continue on an upwards trend, you notice fewer tired days & improvements all round over the coming weeks, you never know it may the beginning of great things! It's worth persevering with as it can work well for many, including me. 😄

  • Fingers crossed NMH xx

  • Really pleased for you ( and a luttle jealous !)- long may it continue and I hope only good things come your way now .


  • I am so glad to know that eventually the methotrexate will work. Thank you. I now have hope. I am very glad you are getting some relief 🤗

  • Good news hope you keep improving xxx

  • If Mtx works it's like magic.......I found once it started to work it just got better. I had seven great years before it went pear shaped on me.

    I have no regrets on taking it...I had a life!

    Fingers crossed it just keeps working its magic for you!

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