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Adult onset stills and strep throat

Went with daughter and family on med cruise.She felt really unwell before we went and we upped her steroids. We hoped that this and her anakinra and methatrexate injections would sort her out. Unfortunately the hospital didn't inform us that she had a strep throat before we went.daughter went into a complete flare. Just informed by them on return she should have them today

Could cry that her holiday was painful.even pushed around Rome in wheelchair to get her to Trevi fountain .

I can't help feeling mad! She is only 19 and this disease is ruling her life!

Sorry to be so negative but its hard to stay upbeat...has any one else had this kind of infection and any tips how to cope with it ? :/

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Hello Enaid,

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is going through such a tough time. I had a strep throat more than once as a teenager. As it was so contagious (even though I went on anti-biotics to stop it spreading to my sisters & parents) I used separate cutlery and dishes. The main thing I remember is drinking lots of water and resting. I didn't have a big appetite and ate lots of things like soup. Wish I could remember more - I will ask my mother tomorrow about it.

Take care,



Hi Enaid. So sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she is feeling a little better. I had this myself last year. It was very painful & it took me about 3 weeks to get over it. I had antibiotics, throat sprays, gargled with salt water which did help numb the pain a bit. My poor daughter also got it, think its because she spent so much time with me & she hasn' t any tonsills. Big hug to you both. Xx Alison


Sorry to hear that you and your family did not have such a good holiday through illness. In the past I had incredibly bad throats and the only way round it was sleep, warmth and open windows. I can remember my mum giving me Hot Ribena as that was all I could swallow, and warmed icecream, where it made it runny and easier to swallow. She also made me some junket, very similar to yoghurt. All things that were very runny and easy to swallow, I believe the motto was little and often. I hope your daughter feels better soon. take


Hi everyone

Thankyou for all your responses and suggestions! Maisie loved the melted ice cream !

She is in her recliner chair watching a DVD!

Been to hospital today and they have prescribed two weeks of antibiotics to help. Been told she is on everything they can give her and if the wonder drug Anakinra dosent help limited to what else she can have second step ! the research into Adult stills .is limited .dr said he felt as frustrated as I did ......I seriously don't think so .

Need some good news soon Maisie struggling to stay at uni and I am worried for her all of the time.

Hopefully the antibiotics will knock her out of her flare :)


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