Anyone else having trouble accessing their messages?

I know I have a message waiting (there is a red "1" showing in my menu bar) but when I click on "messages" I just get taken to something called "news feed" and my messages are nowhere to be seen. I emailed HU about this at the end of last week but have had no response from them as yet. I will try again but just wondered if I was the only one with this problem?


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  • Yes Tilly,I have the same, however I found going in via the HU email regarding a post allowed me in.

    Not sure if that will help


  • Hi, at first I used to hit on my name and then went to the messages and found them that way, now it will take me straight through if I hit messages. Not sure if we have to start the process running first. Hope you get to read it before too long. xx

  • Your Username:

    If you click your username you will be shown a dropdown: profile, messages, email preferences, and account. By clicking 'profile' you are taken to an area where you add information about yourself (conditions, symptoms, etc ). 'Messages' takes you to your inbox. 'Email preferences' takes you to your account settings so that you can adjust your notification settings. 'Account' takes you to the same settings page.

    Tillytop found the above under posts at the side from HU, thought it might be of some use to help you on your way. xxx

  • Thanks both for taking the time to reply.

    I will try doing as you suggest and hopefully I will be able to access my inbox. Failing that I'll try to contact HU again and see if they reply this time round!

    Thanks again,


  • I experienced this today too Tilly. Hopefully its just another blip and will be sorted out shortly x

  • Hello. I have had a phantom message since the new site appeared. No sign of it when I finally get through to the list of previous messages. I put up a note in case anyone was waiting to hear from me (!!) I've just put it down to the new site - am thoroughly fed up with it. Hope you're well. XX

  • I come in via the email but it only leads me to one question. I then have to click `Questions' to find all the latest ones. I much prefer the old system where you received a daily email with the latest questions.

    Also I belong to two communities and I do not always receive the ones from NRAS. It seems to pick a `question of the day' on my daily email from either community and I have to then come on the site to see what else there is. Previously I could look at the questions etc in the email and not have to come onto the site unless I wanted to read more or reply.


  • Thanks peeps.

    No matter what I do I can't access my messages. I emailed HU again yesterday and this time they have replied - giving me instructions about how to clear my internet cache (whatever that means). Anyhoo, I have done as I'm told and the problem persists so I have just emailed them again to let them know. Tis so frustrating though.

    Thanks again,


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