Just wondered if anyone else has had problems with their hearing with RA? c

I have just been told I have a middle ear effusion that isn't because of an infection. I am currently taking methotrexate, so the effusion is just being monitored for now. I know RA can cause deafness as it effects the small bones sometimes in the middle ear - my mother went deaf as a result of this process, although I think it's quite rare. Or is it??.

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  • Hi Ariadne, I have not come across this before. I have been on MTX for nearly 3 1/2 years but not noticed any problems with hearing although it has affected my teeth!

    I certainly haven't been warned about deafness by my consultant. May be worth a chat with yours.

    LavendarLady x

  • The metho isnt thought to be the cause - the RA is

  • My GP confirmed that MTX does affect teeth. LL

  • and lungs, kidneys and liver, blood and skin sometimes. And gut and hair commonly

  • in fact the warnings for this drug are frankly quite scary! Hope you are doing ok LL xx

  • Hi Ariadne, yes ok at present apart from the damp and cold affecting my joints but I think that affects us all this time of year.

    when I read through the MTX leaflet when I was first put on it, that was also very scary, so much so, I wondered how on earth they had got it passed for human consumption!

    I have been warned about the effect of MTX on heart, lungs, kidneys, liver etc but monthly blood tests will show any adverse reactions (I hope). I know my consultant monitors me closely (bless him) and my GP is also very good. She gets concerned if she hasn't seen me for a few months and is very quick to pick up any abnormalities in my bloods!

    LavendarLady x

  • I have hearing loss and ringing, minute thank gosh due to Meniers disease. I haven't noticed any changes since being diagnosed with RA.

  • I have tinnitus and i've had it for 16yrs,but it has got worse in the last few months. I have a earing aid but at the moment even that doesn't mask as much as it did. xx

  • OMg Sylvia, I didnt know you had Tinnintus/ I have had it since 1992, since the birth of my last daughter! I have been to so many specialists they say we dont know what causes it. Mine is a swooshing/heatbeat/banging sound ect.. nearly drives me crazy. have had CT scans, MRI & MRA's, angeiogranm of my brain ect...NOTHING!!Its so horrible..What does yours sound like?? I sometimes take sleeping pills just to knock myself out so i dont hear it???I hate it.......


  • ditto cathy to all what you said. It drives me nuts as well.Mine was caused by a drug they put me on 16yrs ago to try to shutdown my ovaries,sad to say it didn't work and thats how i got tinnitus. For the last year i've been wearing my earing aid all day long only taking it out to go to bed. I can sleep mind you the amount of drugs i take its not surprising.


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