Anyone else having probs with this site?

Is anyone else finding if you answer a post once it's sent you have to start over at the beginning of posts.....can't just go on to the next post?

I have just submitted a post & it's disappeared into the it worth it I ask myself?

This has happened since the flyer for the new App appears everywhere. I won't use it because the last time a new App appeared I did download it & it took forever to sort out my iPad.



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  • Morning AC

    I can't say that I've noticed this but as I reply to your post now, I will check this out!

    I have the new app and finding my way around it now. I downloaded it on my I phone and no trouble with the phone after doing so ?

    Hope your day goes well and is pain free ( as far as is possible)


  • But yes, you're right. You have to hit the arrow at top of post which takes you back to the beginning of posts 😯

  • Thank I'm not imagining it!l

    Re pain....since I've been on RTX I have been virtually pain free except for my wretched wrists!

    I'm thinking of trying pain patches...but have to check if that would be OK....don't want to rock the boat just because of pain in two joints!

    At last apt Rheumy said if I continue this way I may be able to have infusions only once a year instead of twice. I am so grateful the RTX seems to work so well for me....fingers crossed it continues to do the business!!!

  • I'm glad to hear that the RTX is working well and I wish you all the very best going forward x

  • I had the same thing happen with the app! I spent some time writing a post and it disappeared as well. ☹️

  • I am also having problems with the site, if I read a post and the replies I now have to go to the top and put in NRAS and start again. This started after they put the constant reminders for the app, which I don't want to use, by the way. Looks like I may have too, very annoying. X

  • I'm afraid I will just not participate any more if using the App becomes compulsory.

    When my iPad played up with the previous App I stopped uploading all "improvements" to Apps....wherever they came from.

    A friend has been without her tablet for over a week waiting for Apple to unscramble it.

    Apple want the original PW, Cr card details of a card long abandoned & almost her bra size to prove it is her tablet!

    Life is too short !

  • Like NMH, i too can't use ipads etc, just an oldLAPTOP - BUT THERE ARE PROBS THERE TOO ....sorry dunno where those caps came from either- pressed nowt?!?. ... watching to see what happens when i post this

  • I've not had any problems but when the notice first came up I closed it because I always use my iPad, I don't post on my iPhone, too fiddly for my stiff fingers. Don't know if that's anything to do with it?

  • Yes I to have problems in logging into this site, sent an email to them but could not make head nor tail of it, so just struggle along with it

  • AC - laptop seems ok, but then i don't login, wait for weekly updates to read n comment x

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