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Feeling cold?

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Posted this elsewhere but thought I would blog it in case it might help others in this cold winter with our poor joints!

"I have just bought a heated throw from a well known high street and mail order company and its fab! Its about 3ft x 5ft. Brown fleece fabric and its washable too. It covers the whole body. It has 9 heat setting and warms up in minutes. As its a brown fleece it looks fine over a chair in the sitting room and not out of place. This plus a relaxation CD put me "away with the faries" very quickly. Cost about £39 but worth it. Made by Dreamland and called relaxwell luxury heated throw.

Charlie "

and No:) don't work for them:) I'm sure there are other manufacturers too if you search on heated throws. Really lovely and warming if you have the time to crash and relax for a bit.

Charlie x

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I agree , I got one after another person said about it here on the internet and it is one of the best buys I ever did! I've just been sitting with it on now nursing my recovering shoulder. I love it


That sounds just the ticket! Thanks Charlie xx

I have a Slanket which my hubby bought me for Xmas a couple of years ago - wouldn't be without it in this cold weather. It is really cosy and has sleeves so I can still hold a book/magazine to read. LavendarLady x

Gosh - I'd almost forgotten that people feel cold! It's either the RA or the methotrexate or the steroids or something else - but I'm always warm and get hot flushes all the time and then I'm really hot. Yesterday someone rang me and said how cold they were - I was sitting with bare arms in a heated house at 18C sweating gently at that precise moment! Flushed healthy looking face (don't you look well everyone says) and bright red palms and soles of the feet to match the colours around the joints when they flare up.

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allanah in reply to oldtimer

Me too, although I'm either freezing cold and have my brown heated fleecie on or I'm bright red with steroid cheeks, totally beautiful look!!!!

I have a snuggle that i get into when i'm sitting downstairs at night. Its very warm and it has sleeves too.


I have a slanket which my Mum bought as a Christmas present. This week I've also taken to my furry hot water bottle but have to fight my hubby for it. Have to be careful though because the other night I fell asleep on it and woke with one red boob!

That sounds interesting,what did you call your red boob,"Rudolf"

in reply to sylvi

hahah, Sylvi's baaack!

Lol, it gave me a fright until I realised what had caused it.

This actually gets warm very quickly! In a few mins. No need for a hottie now, so nice when the hands aren't happy trying to manage with kettles of boiling water.

9pm Friday 2-10-12 Here's a footnote about Snuggies and Slankets I just heard moments ago on "Shark Tank" Where entrepeneurs and inventors meet, seeking funding and partnerships for a new idea, etc. One of the "Sharks" is the lady on QVC, and she says the Snuggie market is saturated, they don't sell anymore, you don't see Snuggie's on display anymore!!!

Now that she mentions it, I think she is right. I haven't seen any for months.

I liked mine, it's pink and really very warm. However..It is way too big, and too long! There is so much material there, if I have to get up from my chair, to get a book, find the phone, feed the cat, etc, I get tangled in it and could trip all over the endless bottom hem. I keep thinking I should just cut it off and hem-stitch the bottom of it. Someday. :) The funniest incident was when I had gotten up to answer the phone one morning when I hadn't taken it off the charger yet, tangled in the snuggie, got that straighten out and went to take a step with the walker and couldn't move. Realized the wheels were on the snuggie! By that time the answering machine clicked on, so I just took the snuggie off to the floor and tried to catch the phone before the recorder shut off. Didn't make it, so had to call the party back, who then stated they must have wakened me and could call back later. I related my experience of the last 10 mins and entertained the caller, my sister, in Pennsylvania. :) Cheers.Lxx

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