MTX injection bled like a b***ch

Hi, I've been injecting methotrexate for 3 or 4 months now with no problems. But tonight, the needle resisted going in to the skin and when I took the needle out the blood pooled quite quickly (I never normally bleed when I do it) and it took a good few minutes to stop? Should I be worried? Or is this normal from time to time?


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Yes its normal from time to time in my experience. You may have hit a small blood vessel that has made it bleed. A bit. Also are you varying your injection sites and not using the same area? Cos if u use the same area you can get a hard area therefore difficult to inject. So probably don't worrybut if it continues to bleed or you get a red or painful area bigger than a 50p piece that is normally a good reason to get it checked. Don't let it put u off the next one!!! Xxx


Its normal sometimes you hit a blood vessel. It does give a bit of a fright though but its only happened to me once. Don't worry it probably won't happen ever again but its not harmful. X


I have never had this prob. I will only say make sure you inject

Below belly betton somewhere in the lower belly

Not to squeeze (pinch) too tight. And be real careful

When getting cap off not to bend needle. And as always

I say is your ever concerned contact your Rheumy

Nurse. That's what their there for

Good Luck


I have to admit to using the same area each time (outer thigh) Most times the needle slips into my skin with no effort, but other times when my skin feels so tough the needle just won t go in - then, it hurts and bleeds more easily, even when I try moving sites. I was advised I might at these times have a dud needle, but even when I change it, its the same. I did wonder if it is to do with how hydrated I am - but I'm pretty much a creature of habit, so I don't think that is the reason. I'm really interested in other peoples experience!



Hi, thanks for your replies. I was just looking for reassurance and you gave it to me :-) The injection site is bruised today and slightly raised but no redness or pain. So no permanent damage lol.

I was told to inject in my thigh, alternating from left to right, and I record where in my log so I don't accidentally use the same leg.

It's an interesting point about the hydration Liz, I had a similar experience with a blood test when I was dehydrated so there may be a connection there.

Sian x


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