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Mxt injections how do you get the top off

i had to do my 2nd injection yesterday, 1st on my own, decided to do it at bedtime so that I could sleep after. It took me 10 minutes to remove the plastic cover from the needle, then I tried to inject my leg but I could not get the needle all the way in, so I had to remove it and try again. By this time I was in a right state! So is there a secret to getting the top off 1st.


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Hi Ozzy,

I just pull the top straight off - don't try to turn it or undo it, just pull - or do you have someone else at home that could help? I have been injecting for about 8 weeks and it does get easier but can be a bit worrying at first. I inject in my tummy and put the needle in at 45°. I do have to push it in quite hard sometimes. I'm sure you will find it gets easier the more you do it. If you're still unsure or struggling give your rheumy nurse a call for advice. Wishing you luck, Mags. x


Thanks for the advice I did end up trying to twist it off. My daughter is at home with me before uni, but I did not want her touching toxic drug. Hopefully when it kicks in the swelling in my fingers will reduce so that will make it easier. Roll on 8 weeks

Regards Karen


My Nurse advised me to gently twist it back and forth to release it and then it normally slid off without damaging the needle. I found that easier to do with my clumsy hands than pulling it off. Suppose it depends on the dispensing needle and your hands. x


Thanks for the info. Surprisingly my GP surgery called having received info from hospital, and offered to help we the injections. This is a 1st from them. I said thanks but I had to inject the day before!


I was told to gently squeeze the rubber top and twist off. Of course, this depends on how good your hands are! The top comes off first time. Hold the needle like a dart and jab it in. It will only in as far as it is able.

I used to be needle phobic and would never have imagined in a million years that I would be able to inject myself. I have done 3 now and think nothing of it!

It will get easier....


Many thanks for letting me know you are scared of needles too. Sometimes I feel that you just need to know that you are not the only one and with OH like mine "oh just get on with it" a bit of support goes a long way. X


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