Yess progress

Hi all

I just wanted to give you a more positive update.

I managed to pluck up the courage to speak to HR today. They suggested that there are options that they can look at. I am not going to take any steps just yet. My husband has his MS nurse comming to see him at home on the 8th. I cannot take any time of work, but my dad has stepped into the breach.

I have just got to keep my strength going just a little while longer. I am going to sort all this out. The next stage is to tackle my boss. I am going to take some time to get my plan sorted and present it to him with the help of my rummy nurse, OH and HR.

I cannot begin to thank all the kind wors and thoughts that all of you have passed onto me. I have only been with the site a little while but now I would replace for nothing.

Thank you all so much


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  • Hi Susan

    It's great to hear you sounding a bit more positive.On the work issue are you in a union at all? Mine have been really helpful with work related issues so it might be worth thinking about.

    Take care

    Julie x

  • No I am not in a union but I am getting help from the union rep off the the record. i am also looking at 20 hours per week jobs - receptioist and the like so maybe something will turn up


  • Hi Susan, Glad to see your Dad is helping, thank goodness for him!

    You sure are between a rock and a hard place, no matter which way you turn.

    Best of luck with finding a comfortable solution you can all live with. Most especially, remember to pace yourself: Do something physically active for no more than an hour, take a sedentary break, read, post notes here or blog, etc., then return to something physical again. Stop before it hurts! All the best, Loret xx

  • I will and yes I couldn't do with out my wise yoda. He keeps me sane. I am going throughthe options with work although my boss is fighting it all the way. I am going to speak to my rummy nurse to see if she can help

    I am having a PJ weekend as poirot is on the tv this weekend. I am also haveing a friday night treat a half glass of wine


  • Well there you go, you're all set for the weekend atleast.

    Best of luck with the boss, just maybe he will be inspired to be understanding and cooperative! L. xxx

  • Susan, its great to hear you sound so upbeat. You give your boss hell and see how they like being on the receiving end for a change.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • He defo didnt like what HR had to say. How is your chest? I hope you are feeling a little better?

    As the saying goes don't let the barstewards grind you down


  • Susan you have so much to contend with - glad you got the hr on your side. have a lovely weekend, cuddle up with poirot and enjoy your very little tipple.

  • Pleased Hr Is going to help x

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