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Another fine pickle!!

Well i am sat here, OH and Katy in bed. I got the front and back doors painted and as they are Still tacky I don't want to close them.

So brave me says, I will sleep downstairs and as I sleep lightly I will be able to yell if anyone tries to get in!

Problems a) what would I do and how would I stop them

B) I could hit them with crutches would that be self defence?

C) I could hobble at them?

D) I won't be able to sleep for listening

E) the prospect of marked doors is becoming less important

F) thank goodness for my heated blankie

G) why is the strong bloke not down here

I) will they hear my snoring anyway

J) it's more likely to be a cat or sheep round here anyway

L) well I have a heavy tool box OH put behind each door , so they will clatter

M) whose daft blooming idea was this anyway!!

THe things I get myself into lol , what was that............ :(.

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What a laugh, you have a vivid imagination Allanah.I'm sleeping in a strange bed,with the wind whistling round the caravan and every hour i am awake,so this time i gave up and came and got a cup of tea and here i am. I hope your snuggled under a blanket and get some sleep.xxx


Lol, at least the caravan door locks!!! I did snuggle down in the end. For ten minutes lol


What an uncaring OH you have there,leaving you downstairs on your own. What if a young lad came in,looking for some easy money & your there snoring away,it could put the poor chap off for life,very unkind!!! Hope you got some sleep & that yer doors look brilliant. x


Well I am so clumsy if I bought the plastic doors they would be scratched to pot after a week!!

The the poor burger would have been traumatised and only would have got an old tele anyway!!


That was meant to be burgler but turned out as something between burgler and bug.er!!!! Lol poor burger, wot about bacon I feel sorry for it too! Rambling now, lack of sleep and terror!!!!!!!


I think the snoring could be considered as "reasonable force" if it ever came to court, lol!!

Why is your door so tacky, what colour did you paint it?

Ronnie x


Lol Ronnie, I admit it your honour!!!! Ha ha Tacky doors... Well I did them pillar box red, sounds loud like me, but the bricks are reddish colour so they sort of tie in.


:))))))) that put a lovely smile on my face this morning, Just what i needed to get me going, I'm sure the doors look great, Have a great day, really hope you got some sleep, big hugs XXx


Well I chickened out in the night to be honest, I heard every noise!! OH had to travel to a big meeting re work and Katy had gcse maths so it sounded very sensible and grown up!!!

Anyway I high tailed it upstairs about 4 am cos of course burglars don't come in during daytime!!!!!!


Glad you did not get invaded during the night my doors are never locked but I do have 2 border collies that make enough noise to wake the dead and that is only when the badgers or monkjacs are in the field



I should have borrowed them xx


Well Allanah as always you made me smile. Hope you got some rest or were you up early xxx


No gave in and left the doors to luck at sunrise and went bed 4 am, hAd to be up at 8 am to get Katy to her gcse exam! But I need little sleep pre RA of course!! oH putting handles on doors now so we can close them now they r dry!!


Argh. Muntjac, don't get me started on them! During the rutting season they are so noisy, barking away all night at the back of my house. We have to have 6 foot fences to keep them away from the plants. The duke of Bedford has a lot to answer for!


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