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Well, as you all know, our VIP visit on Tuesday went off very well and we all pushed off to a dinner in the Town Hall in the evening. Jaw and shoulder blade are fine now (until the next time) and apart from odd twinges in my fingers, the RA seems to have settled again, although my knees are not too happy at present.

Berry had his first gun dog training session yesterday. Did quite well on his walking to heel, sit, stay and a slightly iffy recall but when he went to retrieve the dummy (which he did very well after casting around to find it), he went absolutely mad, charging round the field, tossing the dummy into the air and catching it again, dropping it, picking it up etc. You get the picture. No amount of yelling sit, heel, come etc had the slightest effect - he was completely deaf to all commands. We shut the gates in the fields as there is a road nearby (not busy fortunately) and the trainer suggested we walk down to the cars as if Berry thought we were leaving him, he would follow. Fat chance although he did eventually. I then opened my hatch and one of the doors of my car and he came galloping down the field and the trainer grabbed him by the scruff as he flew past and we got his lead back on.

As the trainer said, at least he now knows what needs to be done! Got back home, rather wet as the field was very wet with long grass and we both flopped out and went to sleep for an hour or so. Berry actually slept most of the afternoon so was clearly worn out. I ached all over and had to change my socks and cords as feet were wet and so were the bottoms of my cords. Next time, I'll put my boots on - they were in the car but clever clogs here thought she would be ok with just loafers on!

Have also developed a head cold which doesn't seem too bad at the moment so have taken my Enbrel. I took the MTX before the cold started to come out.

Felt very shivery yesterday so was glad to put my feet up for a while with some lovely hot soup. If I don't feel well,my comfort food is Tomato soup and it has to be that well know make beginning with an H. (Just in case we are not allowed to advertise on the blogs).

My foot has gone to sleep because Berry is sitting on it, or rather lying on it. He has been following my cleaner about this morning - he loves to see her and be made a fuss of. Tilly is with me as well as Himself has gone off to Ipswich for a lunch. He also has the men's dinner tonight at the Golf Club and a friend and I are going to see the film Bridesmaids. Hunt supper on Sunday night but I think Saturday will be quiet. Thank goodness - it has been a very busy few weeks what with fighting development proposals in our 3 villages and endless meetings of the 3 parish councils. Next week doesn't look too bad so hope to do a bit more training with Berry before we see the gun dog trainer in 2 weeks.

Hope you all have a very good weekend and be free of pain and discomfort. It is a lovely day here, blue sky, sun shining and the temperature going up to 12 degrees today and 14 tomorrow and Sunday - positively tropical. But at least the damp, rain and cold have gone for the moment.

Love LavendarLady x (PS the picture is of me and friends in Paris last year. I am seated to the left with my friend Judith standing behind).

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Oh Pooh, the picture hasn't come out! LL.


Never mind liked reading your blog it is quite amusing reading about berry. I'm sorry you got wet though as you get wet you get cold nand then it goes right through you doesn't it. You have been very busy,i wish i could be as busy as that. I can't talk as when i have had a bit of a rest i'm going to start getting decorations down and start to put them up.

Take care. Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, I like to keep busy as I refuse to let this wretched disease take over my life - it has caused enough trouble without letting it rule me as well. So I do tend to struggle on even when in pain and feeling really sh----ty. Then of course, I suffer for it over the next couple of days!

Yes I did get cold and wet on thursday and on his normal training day on Friday, but tucked up at home with a hot drink, the cat on my lap etc I soon warmed up although my knees still ache after walking over the very uneven fields! LL x


Lovely blog LL, so glad you feeling better. I have trained dogs in my pre RA life and am a life long dog lover. I now however have 2 smallies a shih tzu & a pug.

The shih tzu Lucy is such a lady, the pug however is a stubborn warrior! I am feeling happy today too.

Have a lovely weekend.



Hi Gina, we had friends who had shitzus - one called teeny wee. When I asked why (silly question) my friend said because she does teeny wees all over the place! But they were delightful and very loving little dogs. I know pugs can be very stubborn and like to do their own thing in life. Hope you are ok. LL x


I like the tomato soup made by "H" also!. I hope your cold quickly passes, and with some extra practice im sure Berry will be as great gun dog xx


Hi Summer, sneezing a lot today and still shivery so it is still coming out I think although I am not being woken up all bunged up in the sinuses!

The trainer says Berry has the makings of a very good gun and field trials dog. He is in his pen as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth at present! Hope you are well. LL x


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