After 2 weeks being off Enbrel, now flaring, when I take it tomorrow, will it be like starting from the beginning again?

I suppose it's out of my system completely now.

I'm just wondering should I ring nurse about a steroid injection to tide me over.

Husbands going on night shift 2 nights time and I can't manage with little one.

Is there any chance it would work quickly? million dollar question I suppose :)


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  • steroid injectionswork within 48 hours usually

  • thanks Alison xx

  • Why are you off the Enbrel Williby? I feel for you having flared recently myself. Go for steroids if you can - its not as if you take them a lot is it? Xxx

  • hi Tilda, first Amy switched fridge off and my batch was ruined! as you know, my dad was ill, he passed away and all thoughts of sorting out a new batch went out of my head. Maybe the stress is adding to flare. It's the worst one since diagnosis. But, at least I know for sure, I'm not taking these meds unnecessary!

    looking forward to hearing how you got on at talk today (or is it tomorrow!!)


  • Oh Williby I'm so sorry to learn about you or dad. Poor, poor you. No wonder you are flaring now - especially after missing Enbrel! Well yes at least you know you do need your anti-tnf but its a bit of a terrible way to learn. One of mine one switched off the chest freezer in the garage and first we knew of it was the reek like a dead body coming from it and whew when we opened it it was extraordinary!

    Tilda xxxxx x

  • Oops sorry that was tactless - blame the pain please! Thinking of you lots please PM if you feel like speaking privately and I'll give you my number. The talk is a week tomorrow and there's no way I could go if I felt like I do today. Xxx

  • oh Tilda, that was hilarious!! (dead body in your fridge) haha that's going to have me smiling for a while :)

    how's the sickness this morning? I'll pm you later, I'm fine really, too soon for me to take it all in.


  • Sickness still lousy and sour taste even worse - they go together I guess. I keep eating manuka honey on oatcakes to try and get rid of the nausea and foul taste but it doens't work for long. And the Arthritis Care lecture's been cancelled - but apparantly the flights will be covered by them so I could just go down and have a jolly now - disappointed and a bit apprehensive now I've no longer got anything to focus on by going and will miss choir and work for no good reason. Grrrrr! How's the flare today - did you get steroids? xxxx

  • flat coke sometimes works for me or alka seltzers (nausea)

    That's a shame about the lecture being cancelled, do they plan to re-arrange? still flaring, but as I said to Polly (below) I'm dosed up with everything! I was so happy to get my Enbrel back today! I'm going to give it to Friday before asking for a steroid in hope things settle down.

    Oh my gosh, reminds me how lucky I am to have it under control. xx

  • Well make sure you tape up the switch on the fridge to keep it away from little hands! Nothing works with this taste - it's evil honestly! I can chew gum and the moment it's finished the taste comes roaring back. I'm so fed up with it. Tilda xx

  • After 2 weeks there may well still be some Enbrel in you, but if you're flaring why risk it getting worse? Get onto the phone re steroid jab asap would be my advice. You don't have them that often do you, so give yourself a break... Px

  • Thanks Polly, I've taken some nsaid's and resorted to a tramadol which has really helped, my Enbrel arrived this morning, maybe I'm being too optimistic (or the tramadols doing that!) but hoping the Enbrel will kick in and I'll wake up tomorrow all better!

    If I don't I ring the nurse.

    Liking your new profile picture :) xx

  • Sorry about your Dad, Wiliby and sorry for your flare. Stress has always made me flare badly. I hope Enbrel is soon working great for you again.

  • Thanks Neonkitty, thinking of joining a meditation class next week, see if that helps stress. When you do flare with stress, does it last long?

  • Hi Wiliby, Annoyingly i do flare for a long time when i am stressed. It can be weeks, then sometimes a few days. It has been problematic

    a lot of the time with my

    RA. My Mum fell and accelerated dementia and ended up in a care home all very quickly a year ago and my RA went gaga. That set everything off going mad. I am a very stress sensitive person and I think when things happen I need to have a mechanism for coping. Mediation sounds great and I think I should try do something similar but usually my art helps (not that I do it for therapeutic purposes) so you are right to do something relaxing. I have managed to ditch soke sources of stress though which is good. Thing is we can't always do that so it is the coping with it which is very important. I hope you do go to the meditation classes. Please be mind to yourself and hope you feel more relaxed soon but losing your Dad is such a manor event. I hope the Enbrel soon powers back in for you.

    NK xx

  • DOH! Some sources ... And Be kind ... Meant to type.

  • So sorry, I am typing with a throw over me and it keeps flopping on the iPad! Of course, Wiliby, I meant to type losing your dad is a major event. Hugs to you xx

  • I take Leflunomide daily as well as the weekly Etanercept. and find this covers me if I have to stop the Etanercept which I have had to do following a tooth extraction this week, Won't take it for another couple of weeks. So far I am fine, I have stopped it before, with a dose of sinusitis which wouldn't clear up and again was fine. x

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