Combs and brushes


I just thought I would share something nice!

I have struggled to hold a comb or brush for over a year, and have just made do with what I could do!

I was in certain shop, that I suppose I shouldn't mention, but I just happen to get my meds there too!!! I came across a new range of hair styling tools. I bought a comb and a brush, both of which have big gel handles - its just comfy to hold and light too.

I suppose I just want to feel a bit feminine again and I miss brushing my hair, and so have found myself 'tidying' my do up and smiling!

I hope you find this useful!

Pen :)

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Thanks for sharing you nice news Pen....Thats Great

I am glad you have found something that is helpful to you....and can make you feel like you again.

I was with the occupational therapist today and she showed me a whole load of gadgets I can get..

So im going to look some of them up and buy whatever will make my day to day life just abit easier.

It all helps.

Lisa x


Hey! I like to make people smile!

I am going to see my OT on friday, I have a few questions to ask her!

Keep me posted with things you get - we can compare notes!!!

Pen x


Dont see problem in mentioning the shop ?a lot of pharmacies/ superstores sell goody hair products


It was Boots! I hadn't seen them before!!!

Love them!!!


I know hair means a lot to a woman, I could sense your jubilation, nice story Pen

Men, we just use our fingers when you get to a certain age :)


Thats nice to hear a good news story, will have a look in boots and see what they have. Sylvia.xx


Hi Pen, good for you, it's nice to hear a good news story.

My solution was to get my hair cut really short as I struggled with a brush and hairdryer, It's great now, a funky style which just needs blasted with a hairdryer, waxed and I'm done. Great.

Good luck xx


I am so glad you have found a style to suit you!

My hair is fine and long and with all the meds, just sort of hangs! I have found a new hairdresser who has been wonderful, but sometimes I just have to let it be wild! Atleast now I can brush it!

Keep smiling x


Great, they sound wonderful & soft. Now if I could just find a hairstyle that I like & is easy to maintain...


I know that one too!!!

Hope you find one soon x


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