Pacing pacing pacing

Third monthly injection of Simponi feeling so much better, much more energy and am really having to be strict with myself about my activities...suddenly I see housework that needs weeds that need removing.....decking and fencing that needs so many things and I am forcing myself not to tackle all in the space of a week!!, pacing pacing pacing...on second thoughts the decking will be left to someone else....not sure I am up to that this year

I am seeing a huge improvement , pain meds down to one kind although still need to take as often but that has to be an improvement. My joints feel as if they are moving easier although still all the horrendous cracking which really does hurt, although as usual it really hurts when I stop moving. Bloods in a few weeks should show improvement too....would be nice to think remission is imminent - exciting times

As for the changes I have and to make to keep me safe with the Simponi...worth all of it, totally absolutely

Hope you are all having as good a day as you can


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  • Good news and v sensible on the pacing too x

  • Thanks Summer x

  • What a lovely post to come back home to Katie - well done on the pacing too! Tilda x

  • That sounds great Katie.....but wait until you are in it for the three months before you go any further. I am on my third infusion of abatacept and like you I am feeling so well. So after only 6 weeks I have more energy too and although parts still twinge a bit it is nothing like it was. For the first time in a very, very long time I am beginning to not feel 'sick'......I'm beginning to feel like normal people, if you know what I mean. However, I have been here before with biologicals and they turned on me. My rheumatoid nurse has warned me about getting ahead of myself until the three months are advice to you is to do the same. It is great though isn't it? I have two brothers coming here to Ireland for a month and I am looking forward so much to being able to go places with them and do things.....out for dinner, a walk on the beach, walking around the know, normal things.

  • Thank you Jeanabelle, yes you are right, will make sure I stay at this level for the next month or so and as you say it is amazing to feel normal and not sick....met a new friend yesterday and I did not once even mention RA to her.....there was no need.

    Hope you continue to do well


  • Thank you Debbie, just had to share...we have so many here who just have such difficulties and as you say, I just wanted to let everyone know when the right meds are found it is life changing.....and yes everything is waiting a while yet, although I did take the dog for a walk three times today!


  • I've had one lot of Cimzia and it made a lot of difference,but due to other health issues i haven't bee able to have another dose,so i am back to square one. It will be at least two weeks before i can have my second. I am so pleased to hear of your

  • Your turn will come Sylvi.....I am blessed to only have RA as a health issue


  • So delighted for you, love seeing posts like this!

    I'm on Enbrel which has been a miracle for me :) as jeanabelle says, it's the 'normal' things that are just wonderful for us!

  • Totally agree....until you have lost the ability to do the every day things it is almost impossible to know how it feels to have that returned albeit not quite as good however it is so so much better and a should say wonderful.. So hope you continue with your good health and enjoy living again


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