Members day NRAS / maybe a good chance to meet some off our virtual friends?

Members day NRAS / maybe a good chance to meet some off our virtual friends?

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if you all seen the blog written by Emma from NRAS a few weeks ago? She wrote about a few subjects one off them being there 2 nd members day.

I know a few off you on here have been chatting/ blogging about meeting up etc, and I'm sure here would be a great neutral place to meet and also less worries then off your Internet buddy being a mass murderer / no offence intended but you do here so many horror stories that its always better to be safe when meeting anyone that you've only chatted online to for the first time.

After all I could really be a man called Derek lol, I assure you I'm not and there is a few on here that I've met at the manchester training day a few weeks ago although I didn't get chance to chat to all there.

I've took the details out off Emma's blog and here they are:

The membership team are also busy finalising plans for our 2nd Members’ Day, which this year will be held at Solihull College, Birmingham on Thursday 19th September from 10.30am to 4.30pm. We’re very excited to have Dr Holly John BMBS, MRCP presenting who is a specialist registrar and clinical research fellow at Dudley Hospital. In the past, NRAS Members have contributed to her research on cardiovascular disease in RA. The day will also include smaller workshops on a wide variety of topics and refreshments will be provided. NRAS Members are free to attend, an excellent benefit of membership, but we also welcome non-members/guests for a small fee of £5. Email to register your place or visit our website to join the us today!

Now I spoke to NRAS yesterday and they would prefer to know numbers as best as possible in advance, and if your taking a friend for support or as a Carer then you can pay the £5 in advance by sending a cheque or on the day cash, but please try and let them know numbers if you plan to attend.

I appreciate Birmingham is a fare old trek for some people , it is for me, I plan on making this a two day thing, traveling on the Wednesday to Birmingham staying overnight in a hotel and then staying again on the Thursday evening and traveling back Friday morning , well that's more off a three day think but I know trying to travel and meet people all in one day will write me off :/

The manchester day left me in a bad flare for a few days but it was so worth it.

It would be lovely to put a face to all your names and lovely to meet and chat, hopefully some off you can make it :)

Chow for now hope you all have a lovely day :)

Julie x

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  • I have sent an email saying that i will attend,I hope someone reminds me before then as i have a very poor memory. I am looking forward to seeing some of you.xxxx

  • Great stuff ill try and remind you lol, my memory is bad but its in my diary with an alarm set for the week before to remind me lol x will be lovely to meet you x

  • I used the email address on blog and it hasn't gone,anyone tell me why. I am not the brightest star in the sky so please bear with me.xx

  • Emma's email address isn't working for some reason I had the same problem try one off the following or and hopefully you will get some help from one off them.

  • I have rang and left a message now so hopefully someone will ring me back.

  • Great stuff I'm sure they will x I emailed and the phoned me yesterday :)

  • I have just had a phone call and they are saving me some places. Job done. So i'll see you

  • Great stuff see you there :)

  • You

  • Hi all - so pleased that you can come to the Members day! Also sorry you've been having problems with email - ours does seem to be having problems at the moment. If there's anyone else who would like to reserve places, please try or and hopefully emails will get through. Alternatively, do give us a ring on 0845 458 3969.

    See you there in September!

    Emma x

  • Thanks Emma maybe that's were I was going wrong no s on the end off Emma

  • i guess the mass murderer comment is directed at me , as it were me that did the blog on meeting up .. :(

    i only did the blog because it were spoken about last year on here by many .. the outcome from last year was , to wait untill spring and try arrange something then ... just thought it were a good idea to re open it up again .. maybe wasnt such a good idea , like i do understand the meeting up from a internet site can be dangerous ,, but would think in a group or from people youve spoken to on here for months n months would be pretty much safe .. i dunno ...

  • Aww NO Andy it wasn't meant in any malice and I totally apologies if taken that way!

    Early days off me being on here I had a stalker asking me for my address and many personal details via inbox that was more my aim at that as it did spook me out a bit at the time, so so very sorry if I ofended.

    I didn't want to upset anyone or interfer with the plans you had, so so very sorry I just wanted to point out about the members day :(


  • its fine ,, i do understand ,, im maybe thinking from a mans side , where i wouldnt worry to much about meeting up with people on the inter web ,, and basically think nothing of it ,, where a female would n should ,, look at it different and handle it with caution...

  • Well I met the mass murderers Watson and man with at Manchester but didn't know u were there, we did post asking who was there so we could chat! We were all at the table at he back! Yes I think Birmingham would be good too, and will check the diary , did say to Andy it was a great idea when he brought it up too. And Andy the only thing I would worry about is the fashion sense looking at the picture ha ha xxxxxxx

    I promise to be good and behave! My husband did laugh when I said I was meeting a lady and man off the Internet, none of us could run to murder someone even if we tried, maybe hobble !!! Joking hugs Axx

  • That made me giggle Allanah can almost picture it :)) x

  • Sorry if I offended it was meant as a joke :/

    I was on the table in front off you I kept meaning to come over but was that busy with the others didn't get chance, I was one off the two ladies in wheelchairs with bobed hair my mum was with me also, we made our way round most off the room but not all unfortunatly.

    I had a few really bad weeks after the training day so didn't see your post.

    I know none off us would have the energy to murder anyone sorry again if I offended

  • it gets worse ,, not only a mas murderer ,, but one with bad fashion sense too :( haha

  • :) no apologies from me on that one, bring the glasses with you on members day!! Xx

  • Just to let you know I messaged Andy yesterday to apologise and Andy was laughing at the whole situation and that the way he had worded his reply made people feel he was upset, I think like me he was trying to have some humor in this and it was taken the wrong way.

    Sorry if I upset anyone but Andy is fine with everything and I hope everyone else is too x

  • Sounds like there is going to be fun at Birmingham, I will be with you in spirit as I shall be cruising the same time as your event. Andy a mass murderer, no I don't think so, with those eyes we would see him too far ahead!

  • Enjoy your crusie

  • We are all grown ups right and I certainly wouldn't discuss anything or comment on something if I was even slightly unsure of sombody ...and any of those pepes slightly concerned about Andy I can assure u he really is a very decent guy and a friend :)) looking to arrange a fun day out :))) a great idea ..probably knowing Andy something that takes u away from having RA even for a day ..The Members day sounds great sadly I can't be there :(( but certainly another meet up is very much on the cards on another date with Andy and other friends you are welcome to join us ...and please be assured I work in a school , so am super safe ! Claire xxx

  • Yes we are all grown ups and it wasn't meant to offend, maybe I'm just a bit too over cautious after a friend having a previous problem with an Internet friend.

    I've met more than a few people off this site and from NRAS over the years and I've never had a problem before and I've met some lovely people who've become great friends.

    Sorry again if I offended anyone.

  • No that's fine ...heard a few horror stories myself sad you have to be careful these days. :(. You'll have to keep those who don't make the Members day updated C x

  • I'm sure we will :)

  • I'll be up for it. Will nras list hotels? And do they get special rates if attending the conference? Or do we book our own? If so perhaps we could all try to book same hotel? It makes mass murder so much easier and saves me having to travel to different hotels. Whoops. Now I've given myself away now! Sorry Andy:-)

  • Hi I spoke to nras on the phone about hotels there were a few they mentioned the premier inn was sounding best price wise through.

    I will try and find my scribbles with the prices and details NRAS gave me and list them over the weekend sometime

  • Hiya I just book onto the conference. Emma said there r loads of hotels nearby ranging in price but the conference is at Solihull college post code B91 1SB , so something near there!

  • Unless you want to pay £135 a night at the ramada there is 1 hotel available in Solihull near the venue the greswold. Others are booked or about 20 mins away, so good cab ride or car. Perhaps Emma can suggest where she is looking?

  • Hi dtech,

    I've just booked the ramada hotel ( details lower down?) and got it at £81 per night for a double room, maybe those who know each other personally could share a twin room also priced at £81 a night so you could pay half each? Just a suggestion.

  • Oh my poor lovely friend Andy,poor soul,tries to arrange a meet up that's all,so I'm not liking some comments here.he has been here for me since day 1 and is the most lovely friendly funny guy I cud wish to talk too,I know some comments were done in jest but Andy is a sensitive lovely guy,who would take this to heart.please think carefully as I'm upset Andy could be feeling upset himself tonight.take care everyone and have a good weekend Michelle xx

  • Looking at it though Michelle RA fibro did apologise three times! Andy is a great guy and I am sure he knows what it's like to be on an open forum, and type things that come out wrong. i hope we can all meet up some time and all have a good weekend in the sun.

  • Again I'm really sorry if I offended.

    I don't see anywhere were I pointed this out aimed at Andy!

    As I said earlier early days off health unlocked opening I had a lot off trouble with someone who was blogging and talking about his RA etc and then in boxing me asking lots off personal stuff, I reported it and NRAS sorted it for me straight away.

    I've also pointed out my only reason for suggesting neutral grounds is I am extra cautious cause off my friend having serious problems after a long term Internet friendship turning out to be someone completely different.

    I really don't know what else I can do but apologise

  • Its fine,I do understand your concerns after ur experience.hope everyone has a good weekend xx

  • Thanks

  • Just to let you know I messaged Andy yesterday to apologise and Andy was laughing at the whole situation and that the way he had worded his reply made people feel he was upset, I think like me he was trying to have some humor in this and it was taken the wrong way.

    Sorry if I upset anyone but Andy is fine with everything and I hope everyone else is too x

  • Hi Michelle,

    I've just read through this blog and felt sure, from other blogs posted by the same people in the past that the whole conversation re mass murderers was very tongue in cheek.

    I think Andy's sense of humour would have won through on this too.

    It's very difficult to pick up the tone of written conversations when you can't hear the smiles behind the voice but in my experience everyone on here is wonderful with a high sense of fun - it's how we get through it.

    It's great that we care about each other's feeling though. xxx

  • Thanks Creaky,

    Your so right it is very difficult to pick up on how messages have been written, even more so if your struggling and in pain etc as you feel extra sensitive to just the slightest thing.

    How far away do you live can you make the members day? Would be lovely to meet you x

  • Sadly I won't be able to make the members day.

    i agree though, it would be lovely to meet up and get to know the faces behind the blogs.

    Another time eh? x

  • Oh yes defiantly another time :)

  • I am suitably admonished too if I continued the joke:-( those who know me know I have a weird sense of humour. It's what keeps me going.

  • Thanks Julie, for bringing the subject up of members day. I for one didn't know anything about it until tonight and I really want to be there and meet up with everyone. So, I'll get in touch on Monday or at least send a message to book a place. I am just an hours drive from Solihull, but I'm thinking that it might be best to book in somewhere too.

    My husband has a weird sense of humour too, and though we have been married for years he still manages to catch me out, and I really don't know if he is serious or joking sometimes.

    Don't worry Andy, or anyone else for that matter, Just blame the good old RA, it's responsible for so many things including a bit of over sensitivity. :-)

    Have a good weekend everyone and sweet dreams tonight. June xx

  • Thanks for your understanding June, it will be lovely to meet you there :)

  • Ra . fibro no harm done I DONT think.. xxx andy has great sense of humout.. count me in please, I RANG NRAS a while a go when Andy suggested it.. they never got back to me xx

  • Thanks Alison x

    Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that NRAS didn't ring you back :(

    They've always been fantastic in replaying to me x

  • Hi Summer, apologies if we didn't get back to you. Did you leave a message? We do try and get back to all messages left the same day and I certainly don't have you registered for the Members day if that was what your call was regarding. Please do email me direct if I can be of any help.

    Best wishes,


  • I lleft a message.. a wh9ilw ago will email you x

  • Hi i would love to come along. But i will be back at work as my boss has just given me two weeks off with full pay.( I has tears at worK) Think i will have to wait for another time as i will be on holiday the two weeks before that. I would be pushing my luck.To add sorry i am a bit late in getting back to you xxx

  • Aww enjoy your two weeks holiday x and no worries Im sure there will be another time or meet arranged x

    Enjoy your rest x

  • I would love to come along too but it is a fair old trek from the Isle of Man, I'll take a look and see if there are any cheapo flights to Birmingham then as a 3 hour ferry ride on the Irish sea followed by a trek through Liverpool to the train station and then Train to Brum will probably finish me off! Lol

    JoJo Xx

  • Wow that is a fair old trek x but it would be lovely to meet you xx

  • I'd love to meet all of you too! :-)

  • Hi all

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    re. your comments regarding hotels. The NRAS team will travel up on the day however we have only previously only used the DeVere Urban village (as we took advantage of a special offer) so we can't talk from experience. However, from looking at the Premier Inn website they are showing availability at both their Solihull and Shirley hotels for both 18th & 19th September. I tend to use website such as to get an overview of what is in the area (both hotels and B&Bs) in the price bracket I'm looking at and then try the hotel direct in case they can offer a better rate than the website - which often they can! Do let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

    Emma x

  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks so much for your help, I took your advice and looked on, I then compared prices with and the hotels direct.

    I've just booked in at the Ramada hotel for two nights for two people ( me and my mum) it's cost £81 per night including full breakfast , so a total off £162, I could have booked us in for a three course dinner each night which is priced at £17 per head, the receptionist said that the normal price if not pre booked is £25 but I've not booked dinner yet as I didn't know whether those attending and staying in a hotel would be interested in meeting up for dinner?

    If you do contact the ramada for staying make sure you book over the Internet, I tried booking via phone and was given a price off £108 for Wednesday evening and £99 for Thursday evening ! A big difference, I only tried doing it over the phone to ensure a disabled wheelchair access room but I was told I could enter this in the online booking details and I've emailed them with my booking number and asked them to email me confirmation that I have a disabled room booked.

    There was an option off early booking where they take the fee off your card now and can't cancel but there was very little saving doing this and my RA is too unstable to risk loosing £160 if I wasn't up to it on the day.

    Really looking forward to meeting you all, all I need to do now is get a payment off £5 sent off to NRAS for my mums ticket to the members day :)

  • need a single room ,though could see if my chap wants to come??

  • Yes you could I didn't price a single room but can't imagine you will save much so maybe worth bringing your chap :)

    After all it's only £5 for non members, I'm going to pay for my mum as this will save my other half taking time off work :)

  • That's odd, see my post above. When I checked the ramada website it was coming up at £135 a night. I'll try ringing them.

  • Like I said when ringing them it came up at £207 for two nights but when doing it on the Internet via the ramada website it came up at £162 for both nights this was for standard rooms, you may have seen price for a suite or something not sure or they reduced the price.

  • Hmm odd. Don't think I would have a suite at Solihull ramada! Lol. I'll ring them and see what they can do. Thanks for all your input to this.

  • Agghhh. Now the ramada website says no rooms available for those dates. I'll ring them and see if I can find a human being to speak to.

  • Not sure why you can't book I've just tried again and all fine :(

    See this link ( don't know if it will work

  • Morning Dtech

    Did you manage to speak to the ramada and get your price query sorted?

  • Single room best rate is £72 were twin/ double is £81

  • Hate to tell you this but I won't be there! Shame you cry! But let me explain. When I told my wife the date she (forcibly) pointed out the 20 th is our wedding anniversary! And I was going to some meeting? By myself! Errrrrrr. Sudden rethink, as divorce after 39 years could be So have now booked a week in Budapest! Phew, close run thing. So sorry, I hope I can meet you all at some future date, all the best. And still married. Just!

  • Ha ha well Budapest sounds much better too me :)

    Hope you have a lovely holiday and wedding anniversary :)

    And yes I'm sure we can meet again at another date :)

  • Thank you for your understanding:-)

  • Your welcome I think if any off us here had a choice between Budapest and Birmingham then obviously we would all choose Birmingham not lol :)

  • I thought the same thing to be But we have to make these sacrifices for our OH's.

  • Haha. :)

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