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The perils of booze

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So last night was a significant bear trap which I managed to safely negotiate. A bbq at a friends house which was always going to get boozy and messy. The temptation to have “just one” was huge. Pleased to say that I managed to stick with it. Have to say that I still have a sore head today though!

5 Replies
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Good to read Fordy!!

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Sligolad62 in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks Roisin

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Sligolad62

Hey Fordy, hope all goes well for your daughters big day and you get over it ok smoke free,,, (maybe ye are already in the thick of the celebrations?)

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NozmoValued Contributor

Well done Fordy, always a difficult one to negotiate, especially when your mates are smoking as well. Hope the hangover has worn off!

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Sligolad62 in reply to Nozmo

Thanks Nozmo - hangover wasn't very pleasant but had an early night and feeling good today. I have been working in the garden to try and get it spick and span because the day after the wedding we are having a bbq for 50 people who were only able to come to the evening do

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