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Pleasant Experience

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Hi Everyone im going on 17 Days smoke free now and it hasnt been as hard or daunting as i had expected. i have to say reading the book by Allen Carr is amazing that book is a god sent i tried many times in the past and failed by day 5 after reading that book i know i will never smoke again it trains your mind before you kick the habbit and makes the experience a rather pleasant one i hope that this reached people who are struggling to quit , take my advise read the book theres no need for NRT or anything all you need it time and patience

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Mattie886 Months Smoke Free

Keep it up! Honestly I found it got easier after 3 weeks. I’m up to nearly 6 months now! For the first 3 months I just watched any random quit smoking videos, especially journals…. Now I lose track of the days and weeks ☺️

Ezio, hope that you made it further and completed your full month

I am experiencing some cravings now on a daily basis

I tried to throw away my tobacco on a walk but I get so stressed, but I make it more difficult for myself by just hiding it somewhere I can get it back

I will chew gum and and use a straw with my drink throughout the rest of the week.

Hey i did complete my month and going strong have some craving now and then but just remind myself of all the positives and money im saving i guess the book brainwashes you to believe you are giving up nothing and i have tried to stop in the past and failed after just a few days this has been the longest i have stopped smoking and honestly has been the easiest attempt and i can confidently say i wont smoke again. Just think of all the positives you will be achieving through this journey

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