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9 days smoke free

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Hi all..... I have reached day 9 smoke free today after quitting cold turkey...... I have finally opened my eyes on how discusting my smoking habit was and decided it was time to quit....

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Well done! I didn't realize at first, I just quite cold turkey, not REALLY having an exact reason, after 22 years of more than 20 a day. So many reasons, but I just did it one day. Smoked my last cigarette and thought not buying another pack, and I'll see how far I can take this. First 3 days were hell. I was crying, angry, sad...could not sleep properly for a week. But I didn't cave. And then after about 2 weeks, every time I saw a smoker, I couldn't even stand that smell. I started picking out the smokers by the stale smell of smoke when they walked past or sat on the busses etc. It really was disgusting!!! Well done Keephappykev. Keep going, I'm 2months in and so happy I don't smoke anymore 🙂

👍Well done x you are amazing 😁😁

CONGRATULATIONS! 2 months is great I'm praying for you !


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Whale13 Months Smoke Free

Well done!I am now 5 months smoke free and it's the best thing I've ever done.

Things will get tough but I can reassure you that by this time you don't think about smoking any more and it is so liberating! You will get cravings at times, just recognise what they are and power through, distract yourself, don't give in. One puff and all that hard work is over!

Good luck on your journey and welcome to a smoke free life😀

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BillPNH100 Days Smoke Free

Stay the path! Congratulations

Well done, can I ask are you using patches or anything. Tried a few times but now need to beat this once and for all

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Whale13 Months Smoke Free in reply to McPhisto

HiRead Allen Carr easy way to stop smoking it will give you all the tools to stop. You need to really want to stop for good.

Smoke free for 5 months now, best thing I ever did. Good luck on your journey


CONGRATULATIONS! 9 days is great I'm praying for you keep up the good work!

Hi everyone hope all is well.... just a quick update today on being 37 days smoke and nicotine free today...... it's been quite a challenge to say the least with its ups and downs to quitting my smoking addiction........ but to reach the 4 weeks mark felt amazing..... it is still early days for me I know but now I don't wake up first thing in the morning being a slave to nicotine and my body doesn't crave for its first hit of nicotine..... .. I just take it day by day and have stop counting the days everyday...... my cravings are probably less than 3-4 a day and that is being around people who are smokers I am super proud of my self for keeping this cold turkey quit going.

4 weeks & you are around smokers that is FANTASTIC! keep up the good work I'm still praying for all who are quit smoking!

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Keephappykev in reply to kycmary

Thank you very much 👍👍👍👍👍

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Whale13 Months Smoke Free

Well done, nicotine is such a clever substance. There are times even now, nearly six months smoke free, when my brain says, there's something missing..... this usually occurs after I have an alcoholic drink, so know now that this is clearly a trigger. On the plus side, very rarely think about smoking now which is a huge relief. Keep up the good work, feel proud of yourself and don't give up the fight!

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