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Stopping Smoking

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After breaking my ankles and foot bones last September I thought I’m on the road to stopping smoking, but then my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer two months ago which fingers crossed is being dealt with I find I’m leaning on them again. He has stopped smoking. I feel such a failure & having panic attacks. I’m seeing the dr tomorrow after blood tests last Friday hopefully I can go on the Champix and get myself sorted and support my husband by not smoking. I do get inspired by what I read on here. Thank you all

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

Hi, to you my lovely, what a lot to deal with, whatever method we choose to quit with, is a added bonus, but it took me a while before realising, it’s just a case of not lighting up. Indeed it’s so hard to smoke these days don’t you think, ? And much easier to stop, of course years of habits take time to for get, and although you do get side effects initially, these always pass, if you let them,

You can do this, just like everyone on this site, the longer you quit, the easier it becomes.

You’ve reached the decision you want to quit, so a huge welcome, hour by hour, you’ve got this .

The decision is the hardest , you’ve made that, so onwards and upwards.

Come on give your self a break, you have nothing to loose, and every thing to gain.

I remember the first week I quit, really couldn’t believe I had cash in my purse yippee,another bonus .

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JABPalmer in reply to Tracey3

Aww thank you sweetheart for your words of wisdom really appreciated xx

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Great!! That’s exactly what I did. Champix is great - it doesn’t take the cravings away completely, but it takes the edge off. Exercising will help you as exercise will help replace the dopamine your body’s craving. Good luck 🤞

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JABPalmer in reply to nonico

Thank you sooo much for your advice I love jogging so I’ll get back to that. You’re very kind

Hi I will be praying for you along the way! I quit over 21 & 1/2 yrs ago & didn't have all the problems you are going thru. When the thought of lighting up pops up think of something else right then & prayer dose help I'll be praying for you & your husband!

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JABPalmer in reply to kycmary

Hi thank you for your very kind words x

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