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Tips please

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Hey everyone any advice on how not to gain weight while quitting? My plan is to carry on eating the way I always have which isn’t bad and carry on exercising the way I always have. But I heard you can still put on weight in that time. How true is that and has anyone else noticed a change while eating healthy? Would be amazing for some advice!

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HiThe trouble with nicotine withdrawal is the cravings sometimes feel like hunger which is why some people eat more than usual. This has happened to me, when the craving gets severe, I have caved and eaten a cake or biscuit which has resulted in a small amount of weight gain. I try to eat a piece of fruit or small handful of unsalted almonds when they're not too bad. Have to say, nearly at the end of 2 weeks no nicotine and the cravings are getting far less and the need to eat has normalised. I have lost 4 stone in weight and am convinced that reducing my dinner plate each year has helped! Portion size is the key. Good luck!

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Fats123 in reply to Whale1

Wow 4 stones is amazing! Well done. Yes I have noticed that I am more hungry often but I’ve got that under control, just distract myself with other things, and in time hopefully it will pass

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Whale1 in reply to Fats123

How you doing? Hope you are coping with the cravings and thanks for your last reply

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Fats123 in reply to Whale1

I’m doing ok have up and downs but I haven’t touched one since I quit! So I’m happy ☺️

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dugahole2 Years Smoke Free

I only have one tip Fats123. Keep your mouth shut from smokes and food hahahaha. I stopped the fags but in fact I swapped it for obesity hahaha. I will work on the blubber soon. Good luck and stay strong

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Fats123 in reply to dugahole

Hahaa that’s true I am trying to control my cravings it’s hard at times but we can do it 😬

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