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Anyone experienced these issues while quitting smoking...


Hi, need some help. February 14 2021 I quit smoking cold Turkey, after 30+ years. I'm a 49 year old female. BUT.......

I'm suffering from headaches, dizziness, ulcers in my mouth, been to the doctor says its caused by me not smoking. dry mouth, sore chest, cant sleep. I feel worse now than when I was smoking. does it get better. Has anyone experienced this, how and what did you do..... thank you

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Hi MRC71, well done on giving up. I've been trying so many times to stop and the one thing that puts me back on them again is the mouth ulcers! I get multiple ulcers every time i try to stop. My Dr told me that nicotine kills bacteria in the mouth and that when you stop smoking there's a build up of bacteria which causes mouth ulcers. I've yet to find a remedy to help with them so i just gargle with salt and water and use bonjela. I haven't experienced any of your other symptoms but it will get better. Again, well done!

MRC71 in reply to rubykom

Wow really, how long did the mouth ulcers last, cause I'm on 8 days with them.

Really never thought I would feel worse quitting

rubykom in reply to MRC71

With me they could last 2 or 3 weeks. As soon as 1 goes another appears and i usually have 3 or 4 at a time. They can be very sore and it makes it hard to eat. I don't mean to put you off but they will fade. It's the one thing that starts me on the cigs again cos once i have a few puffs they start to die!

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free

Hi Mrc71, I quit cold turkey as well after 46 years. This coming July will be my 3 yr quit. I found it tough and no doubt you will as well. I likened it to grief. Lethargic, depressed, tiredness you name it I had it hahaha But I kept coming on here and reading all the posts and I used to think some were bullshitting on how quick and easy they did it. But I had nearly every symptom that anyone posted so I knew it was the addiction screaming at me to feed my body some more of all the chemicals. To be honest with you just tough it out and everyday tell yourself that you are better off without the fags. Our minds are the biggest culprit. When you get a thought towards a smoke tell your mind to Eff off as you don/t smoke. Even now after this time My head tells me it would be good to have a smoke at certain times and I treat it like a dead friend. I Have the moment and then the memory of how much I enjoyed the smoke and then put that memory aside and move on. Keep telling your mind you don't need them. Stay on this community and even message me anytime. Stay strong and keep fighting the thoughts .

MRC71 in reply to dugahole

Hi, the one thing I'm really worried about though is the massive headaches I'm getting that dont go away, it's been 3 weeks without smoking. I've asked people I know who quit smoking, and noone ever got the headaches.. this is so stressful

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to MRC71

Maybe you should check with your doctor for the head aches.

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