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Hi Lovely People :)


I am about to start the course and have been a smoker since 15 and am now 33. More than half my silly life I have been smoking. I have allergic reactions to the patches so was advised Champix can be the catalyst I am after.

I am concerned about the side effects. I am normally stress free, healthy (besides the smoking!) and in good command of my mental state. I guess I'm looking for reassurance more than anything after reading side effects like strokes and heart attacks :( I hope nobody has experienced such side effects, but a brief overview of what you have been through would be appreciated and sorry to ask you to love through it again.

Stay safe and healthy, help your neighbors where appropriate and love to you all.

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Hi Zebbedie

I took champix years back and had bad side effects like headaches and dizzy. I felt really unwell.

I mentioned a while back here that I took Tabex and for me it's the most effective anti smoking pull ever. It's so effective and the thing is so many people take champix and its recommendations by doctors but Tabex is just the most effective product hands down. The thing is that nobody knows about it much as I believe it's made in Bulgaria, No side effects and it's natural. I dont smoke now because of taking it and my friends have given up too. Not been on the forum in ages so hope this helps. I believe it was quitwithtabex.co.uk I went to.

Hi Zebbedie, during my life time ,well 35 years of it I was an avid smoker and decided that enough was enough and I tried Gum, Patches and laterly my doctor prescribed "Champix" and I used it for about 2 months with no issues. And then I had severe depression and just so you know I have never had any Mental Health issues or serious illnesses prioror to Taking Champix and at this point my Doctor stopped me using this with immediate effect. It then took a further few months for the Champix to leave my system. I am not saying that it affects everyone the same way as I have read reports from other user who praised its "stop smoking" qualities, but eaqually when my Wife reserched "Champix" in America there were reports of legal cases against the manufacturers after perfectly normal people taking their life after using "Champix" so please research the information that is available on this product.

Anncarson9 Months Smoke Free

Can recommend Champix. Used it nearly 2 years ago when I was 70 and it worked for me. I had been smoking for 50 years!! The only down side for me was sleepless nights once I had got onto 2 per day. However, I persevered & it was worth it.

Believe me anything is worth NOT smoking.

Good Luck


reader20191 Year Smoke Free

I also recommend champix. Good luck

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