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Stop Day Tomorrow


Hi my stop smoking day is 02.12.2020

Any advice and support will be greatly appreciated....

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Congrats.. mine is 1st jan after 35 years of rolling my own fags.. I really need to be successful this time round..

Hi, I stopped smoking cold turkey on Mon 30/11/20 and I find the cravings are really hard after day 2. I read that Cranberry juice was good to take the cravings away, I've tried it and it does actually work about 10 mins after you drink it, I'm getting through 2 cartons a day LOL.

What I do to keep myself strong is think of the money I'm saving, the brand I smoked "JPS superkings real Blue" are now £10.25 in Tesco's express, I was smoking about 30 a day! I would love to go and buy a pack but I've gone 4 days and Today is my 5th so I would be very disapointed in myself if I start again.

I hope you stay strong and I hope I will too, The Cranberry juice is a God send and IMO really does take cravings away.

Regards Paul.

LanarkValued Contributor

I like your style my friend. DO IT! Your decision is made. You are no longer a smoker and I believe you. Stick to it. I stopped dead 15 years ago (come March 21). Cold Turkey. Drew a line. Stepped over it. No looking back. No chewing gum. No vaping. No patches. No going back. First comes the decision to NOT be a smoker any more. No quitting journey. Smoking journey is OVER. After that it is easy peasy. Here is my tale.

You will never regret it. We are ALL much, much stronger than the Tobacco Companies say that we are. Have a longer, stronger, happier, healthier, wealthier life my friend. All the best from snowy Scotland


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