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Roxie806 Months Smoke Free

It helps me so much to read this every day. I plan to start again on October 31 (Halloween). I keep hoping I can do it sooner but I’m not prepared and just cause myself more anxiety. I have managed to smoke only 2 cigarettes a day. I have ordered some new NRT. It worked the first time so I know it will again. My family is really mad at me for slipping so I have to sneak smoking. That is what is keeping the smoking down. I do have fiends that understand and encouragement so that is positive. Thanks for all your support. It means a great deal to me.

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This is my 3rd attempt my 2nd with champix, so far this time I'm into week 4 and had my last ciggie on sat night so I am entering day 7, really pleased with myself. I have no desire to smoke at the moment the thought makes me feel really nauseaus, got to be a good sign. Stick at it WE can do this

Roxie806 Months Smoke Free in reply to Alyvia

I’m starting my second attempt today. I was smoke free for 7 months. I suffer my anxiety and when the dentist gave me bad news I caved. That’s one thing I have to be careful. I’ll just have to live through the anxiety. Congratulations on day 7. We can do this! Happy Halloween

Hey Roxie80

I've just found this forum and you're the most recent poster, so wanted to reach out and encourage you.

I hope you stuck to your self promise and have started to quit again? I've just been a week without cigarettes but I moved to vaping which I find just as, if not more addictive. Need a plan to considerably cut down on these before the nicotine cold turkey attempt.

But whatever challenge it brings, it simply has to be worth the effort. I am slave to the addiction and can't believe that regardless of how aware I am of just how disgusting and how badly it affects our health it is, we still crave it.

Stay strong and fight the good fight, don't give in to the demons x

Roxie806 Months Smoke Free in reply to mile5elim

I lasted one day. I expected my family to be more supportive but they didn’t even ask me how I was doing. I can’t blame them it’s my problem not there’s. I stopped for 7 months and I had a bad anxiety attack. It’s definitely harder to start over so keep going. I ordered some different lozenges and I will start again Thursday. I know it is a terrible struggle but let’s help each other. Millions of people have quit and so can we.

mile5elim in reply to Roxie80

H Roxie. That's a shame, you need to find someone you can call when you're craving perhaps. Why have you made Thursday your day, why not start again tomorrow?

I went all day with no smoking and came home about 20:30 and had a couple of hours sucking on my vape. It's so morish😱🤦 I'm a little disappointed in myself but will do the same tomorrow. I think it's a good start, but honestly I feel like I can do it properly. Just a need a few weeks on this before I move forward and further restrict myself.

I like the idea of these lozengers, didn't know that was a thing.

Keep ya chin up and keep me informed

Roxie806 Months Smoke Free in reply to mile5elim

I will start tomorrow Wednesday.. I giving myself one last day. Just sick of smoking and mad at myself for not staying strong. I am going to make it a positive experience rather than feeling it is a struggle.

Good for you not smoking all day. Everyone has to find their own way. If you think vaping will help you that is great. Nicolette makes lozenges and they take away cravings. They give you a schedule to follow. The program lasts 16 weeks if needed.

Thinking is the biggest problem. I need to be positive and believe I can stop and be proud of myself. That goes for you too.

Stay in touch and we can help each other.

mile5elim in reply to Roxie80

The greatest thing about being human isn't that we never fail. More that we can pick ourselves up, learn from the experience, and try again. You got this. I'll be thinking about u tomorrow 👍

Roxie806 Months Smoke Free in reply to mile5elim

Thanks so much. I will let you know how I do. I wish the best for you too.

Which book would you recommend reading first? I haven't read a single book before, ahah

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