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No Smoking Day
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How to differentiate/gauge nicotine angre from everyday life pi**ers ?

Hi, I am having a hard time gauging my angre, whether it is real or from nicotine withdrawal. Anyone else have this thought?

The only way I can tell it is quite angre is to spend great amount of energy thinking about it, to the point a light bulb goes on (sometimes), and I realize there is no way I would get this angre if I was "normal". But other times it's too close to call and exhausting.


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Hello their that's it, we all experience different types of anxiety when we put down our cigarettes for good...just stay as busy as possible. Days are going to turn into weeks, months and on...good luck to you and all quiters


I don't know if you can gauge it while you're in the middle of it. I only ever could afterward when i realized i wouldn't have gotten that angry before my quit. During my first weeks i avoided people as much as i could bc i was always angry or frustrated very easily. It does get soo much better! It will pass. I promise. It helps to have boundaries and walk away a bit quicker than you normally would to a person or situation that is beginning to stress you. If you can't physically walk away sing a song in your head or think of a favorite place ... whatever it takes to mentally walk away. Sorry you have a o go through this too. On a postitive note, these times are one of the main reasons i will to never take another puff. I hated that part of the quit. At almost 4months that part is pretty much gone. Has been for quite some time.


Exsmo, thanks for the reply. That was awesome, "If you can't physically walk away sing a song in your head" cracked me up for a second. That is a great tool to have in the tool box, first thing I am going to try next. I hope I don't start cracking up....lol

Me too I hate these feeling and the realization what I have done to myself. Don't want to say never but unless a catastrophe I am not smoking. Also good to hear about 4 months you feel better.



The anger you are feeling is perfectly normal and will pass, you remind me of myself when I stopped over 2 years ago..... I posted for the first time here on Day 8 as was literally pulling my hair out, I couldn't understand why I wasn't feeling on top of the world giving up on the poisonous sticks straight away. I really had no patience but I can hand on heart say that after my 1 month milestone things gradually improved and go much quicker, my taste, smell, appreciation of life and nature smoke free (may sound cheesy but wait until you experience your first summer smoke free, the first cut of the lawn smell is unreal). You have so much to look forward to smoke free....

With regards life stressors, try to remove yourself from any negativity - I have done that dramatically over the last 2 years and even cut off from family members and did not entertain them at all - above all be kind to yourself, take time out, go to the cinema to watch a good movie, listen to your favourite music and whatever else you enjoy doing - I am recently qualified chef and baking and cooking was massive to get me through the early months, really does take you away and therapeutic.....

If the anger and anxiety does not improve, could take a trip to your local health food shop for some herbal supplements....

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