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No Smoking Day
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**How to locate our Pinned Posts**

Hey all,

This is just a post to share how to our locate our helpful pinned posts for common struggles, experiences, support and advice that we have encountered during our smoke free journeys for any members not aware where they are....

For Using a PC or laptop

Step 1

Log in and click on 'No Smoking Day' community.

Step 2

Click on the 'Posts' tab

Step 3

The Pinned Posts are on the right hand side of the page and can click on 'Show more' to see the full list and scroll up and down.

It is the same process for mobiles only you need to scroll down to through all posts and then the 'Pinned Posts' list will appear...

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Thanks so Roison! Am an old timer (almost) and not as techie as id like. Thank G-d for library man who helps me lol. Was there 3 hours last night looking for Icky 3s and your post about milestones to print off. Got yours and another good one but could not find "3s"....for 2hours! Once home i saw link to it smack dab in the middle of printed page one! When o when will my foggy mind clear?😳 Bet there's a pinned post for that...going to go πŸ‘€ for it now. Thanks You're a peach

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