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haha reading my old posts how far have i come

omg just reading a few of my old posts very early in my quit a matter of weeks i posted that i had watched a whole half hour episode of come dine with me and didnt think about a fag

oh my days how far have i come i bearly think about it maybe once or twice a day and mainly if i see someone smoking usually

hahaha just made me laugh a whole half hour

just proof it does get better and improve bit by bit but sometimes its so gradual u dont notice till u look back

a very tired boo after a nightshift

goodnight all

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good to see you around and doing well :D.

I love reading my old posts, it brings a smile on my face :D

Keep well


Great to see that you are coming up to the Penthouse in jan and still cool about the whple journey, I darent read my early posts as I am sure I will sound like a real div :eek: LOL onwards and upwards is the only way to go.

Actually the only thing come dine with me has ever made me think about since I quit is food :rolleyes:


I'm with you jamangie!

Don't think I'm strong enough yet to look back at mine......there were some real desperate one's a few weeks back :eek:

Well done boo, it gives us all hope for a smoke free future to see you approaching the 12 month milestone :)


I cringe at some of mine (because they were written under the influence of way too much vodka!!!) :rolleyes: laptops should have breathalysers :o


haha its funny reading peoples reactions to there early posts

i cringe when i read mine but i had to go through all that bad to get to this good point and everyone has to make the journey and how they deal with it is different to a degree, but i think we all go through the basic feelings and emotions.

i am looking forward to the penthouse very soon [pat my own back with a smug grin on my face hehe]

personal situation is not good but hey worrying and depressing myself will change nothing so will just wade through the hard times my god if i can quit smoking redundancy and no money will be a walk in the park



Well Done Boo!!!

Read Your post and replies(Dave!!!!) with interest.

You have nearly reached the penthouse...THAT is a wonderful achievement.

Despite everything you have kept your quit.


Kindest Regards



Thanks for your post Boo. I'm looking for inspiration having started yet a another Day 1, grr! Well done to you. I'm so very envious and just hope I find the strength to stay on track this time. Hope youre enjoying your healthy lungs :)


its great to see how far we have come since than and it gives the newbies hope!! 1 year here we come!!


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I did this not long ago with some of the other forums i used to use.... omg how stupid did i type back then :| (not like my typings got much better now..heh)

1yr without smoke.... one can only imagine what that must feel like.

day 24 for me, today has been the hardest day of my quit.. iv been alone, at home all day..... bored stiff. So we can imagine whats been going through my mind....:(


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