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What have I done??

Seven months ago I started my journey of not smoking, I was scared to make that initial leap but I did and it was relatively plain sailing. I moved house, had massive pressure at work still no smoking! Then last week I had some serious decisions to make regarding work and before I know it I had a cigarette in my mouth.............why did I do that??? I have now completely fallen into the trap of smoking again!! I am so angry with myself, I feel disappointed that I could be so stupid! I don't know how I can start again?

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Gillyo...Sorry for that but fall seven times and stand up eight (Chinese proverb)..Although it will not be easy try and quit asap... You can do it...you have done it...Strongs



I have done the same thing 3 times! It happens. For me, it took months before I was ready to try again. The main thing to remember is that you can quit again because you did it before. Pick a day, make sure you are fully on-board with it and start over. 😁


Hey Gillyo66 - sorry to read of your fall, try not to be hard on yourself, it was 3rd time lucky for me - the important thing to take from this is that you learn from it - never get complacent again for that 'just one' and as Mushen rightly advised, begin your new journey when you are fully committed that you will never fall for that smoke again. Yes, you certainly 'can start again'. We can see how you desperately want to be smoke free and coming on here being honest with what happened, get that drive and mindset you had for 7 months, we will be here to help you do it....

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It has happened to all (or at least 95%) of us Gilly. I know it is especially frustrating after 7 months as we assume after a certain time we are bullet-proof. The key is to pick a date SOON to start again. Learn from what you did right for 7 months and learn from the mistakes of the past week.

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