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No Smoking Day
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Well after 15 months off the fags, this morning I have completed the NHS Couch to 5k program with my final Week 9 Run 3 done at the Bedford ParkRun so that's another of my fit before 50 challenges in the bag.

I ran the whole way, no walking or stopping. Couldn't have run upstairs whilst I smoked. Slow but steady all the way. I was lapped by men in little shorts but I didn't care I finished in 40:58 minutes which I think is very respectable and I feel fab.

Then if that wasn't enough at SW and I had lost another 4.5lb this week.

I still can't believe after years of smoking I have managed to run continuously for 40 mins. Huge grin right now. All I can say is "IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU"

Keep going, stay strong and reap the benefits ;0)

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Wow, congratulations jg2710, huge achievement and hats off to you for running, you must be seriously fit now. Thanks for sharing and great to hear from you :)

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