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No Smoking Day
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First cold

This is my first cold since i quit my brain is reminding me how i used to smoke so much with a cough. I felt like it used to soothe the soreness although in long run probably made it worse. Just another thing to work through as i have no interest in lighting up. But amazing how the brain works. Every now and then for a milli second i have a thought to search for the packet. No different to when i used the sewing machine for first time or crocheted for the first time your brain kinda gets used to smoking at certain times. After a while that habbit goes. Actually impressed that even though im very congested i still don't feel as tight chested as i used to with a cold

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Hey melsamoo - good to hear from you.

Ah you're having a bad run of it with chest infection and now a cold, but just take it as a good sign that your body is clearing out, repairing and recovering, I promise you, it does get better and in another few months you should start to feel normal and like an non smoker.

Yeah, the first time coming across a situation smoke free, 2 years on and came across a huge strong craving - my little brother became a daddy last week and I headed up to visit him and meet his wee girl, it was an hour and half journey on a bus and the first time I was on a bus smoke free, when I got off the bus, I craved a smoke, was very strong, what stopped me buying a pack was passed the smoking zone in the station and oh my god, nearly got sick with the stink of smoke, craving gone immediately and off I went to meet my niece. So the first time overcoming these situations will be so much better the next time.

Hope the cold clears up soon :)


Congratulations on your niece xxx this cold has knocked me for 6 im normally really good at keeping going but ive literally done nothing since Wednesday and just starting to gain some energy back. Passing smokers in the street makes my stomach flip too. Its amazing how i can smell it from miles away too. Im finding it rather interesting how our bodies still try and trick us even like you said 2 years down the line. I just smirk now when a rare craving hits. Pretty strange how our minds work

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