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No Smoking Day
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2nd Week Smoke Free

I am proud to say that I survived another week. I had some craving attacks especially when I'm a bit buzzed with alcohol but I told myself I wont fail again for the many attempts I did in the past. In the first week I had some sore throat, thanks to our admin here she advised me to take some honey and lemon and I did, it helped a lot. My sore throat was gone in two days.

My sense of taste and smell are almost back to normal. I have food cravings and I try to give in to my food cravings but with some limitations just to avoid the weight gain.

I have this mucus that tastes like nicotine in my throat until now but it's not that much compared to the first week. I have some daily super big sneeze one in the morning and another in the afternoon and i can see in the tissue some brownish grayish mucus that I guess my lungs is trying to get rid off. It's gross but just sharing in case some of you guys experienced this as well.

I've never felt so light and clear with my lungs and nasal passages. So far I'm feeling good. No regrets that I quit smoking.

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Great to hear from you watchinangga and well done on your getting your first week over you. Glad the honey and lemon done the trick!! That mucus is the tar coming up as you rightly said from your lungs clearing out (honey will help this too) - I had desperate tar and is a horrible frightening memory from the early days that stuck with me never to light up another one again. You are doing great, keep it up and continue to let us know how you are getting on ;)

PS You will never regret quitting!


Awesome work - I didn't have too much goo this time but have had loads on previous quits; I reckon what you're describing is totally normal. Better out than in! :)

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Well done on 2 weeks watchinangga - I too had alot of tar for the first month or so, was sort of glad as could see my body was recovering!

Yep, you will never ever regret quitting :)

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