Before I start researching this, I was wondering if anyone had had issues with their memory in the early stages of sobriety from cancer sticks? I have a bad memory as is, but I've noticed more recently that I can't remember anything. It's like my brain has stopped retaining information completely and even old memories I can't recall. It's annoying bc I'm only 32... and I also had that mini stroke that gave me the best decision to quit smoking. Anyway, other than memory issues I'm happy to report that I'm doing well and super grateful to be smoke free :)

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  • Hey SheenaL, glad things are continuing to go well for you, well done!

    I have heard of silliness when we quit (putting a teapot into the fridge was one of mine!) but memory loss is not a symptom of quitting I have come across here, it could be possible that it is a result of your mini stroke, rather than googling research, may be just have a chat with your doctor as this may need investigation especially at your young age... let us know how you get on :)

  • Hiya SheenaL - I agree with RoisinO1 , rather than torturing and scaring yourself googling I would head to your doctors to discuss it....

  • Yes, best to check with your doctor and ask about memory supplements. The combination of poisons in tobacco affect everyone differently while we are smoking and after we quit. Personally I have not heard of it, but there are some studies linking quitting to memory loss in lab animals, though this is not necessarily transferable to people.

    Good luck, but if you insist on googling start with this:

  • Thank you all for your feedback. I guess a trip to the doc wouldn't hurt. Thanks Cocoa for the informative read.

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