16th day of my quit. 23rd day of Champix. I am coping I think & trying to be appreciative but am soooo irritable & quite depressed. Not having cravings too much. Although I struggle with bipolar II disorder, I have been stable for over a decade. I've just lost interest in anyone & anything the past week & have No motivation or energy to enjoy this gorgeous summer.

On a more positive note, I have my hubby wake me when he gets up at 5am to take that dreaded AM pill & I sleep though the nausea til about 7:30. So That's Great! 🤗

Just really missing the Happy, Roll with what comes, Me ... 😔

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  • Melster...Welcome and huge congrats on your 16 days smoke free...!!

    It is amazing that a Docter allows the use of Champix with Bipolar disorder...Champix is known to adhance depression but you seems to cope well...?

    I read a mirror image of my early days on my quit in your post...I also lost my sparkle, mojo...motivation...energy...etc....etc...almost the lust for life and then I came aware that I am actually saving myself and must attack and not defend....That is where it changed for me...!!!

    I also took some herbal supplements to get the Happy chemical (Dopamine) flowing again

    I am a serious recreational Kayak angler and when got a chance I was bashing waves fishing of my little Kayak...1 week in my quit and on Champix I took leave and sat on the beach for 7 days without the motivation or energy to launch my kayak...!! That detuned radio state..!

    I dont know if it was the Champix or just a normal side effect of quitting...Although reading posts of people who had the same experience quitting Cold Turkey...

    Melster, It does get better..Just take it day by day and rediscover life...It is goooooood !!

    Good Idea that 05 AM one....and have a snooze to cope with the Nausea..!! (Lucky you can sleep)

  • Thanks Hercu

    My pharmacist & Dr agree that studies are not showing increased risk of Champix triggering depression in bipolar any stronger than non-bipolar. So yes there is risk, but I have the advantage of having 20yrs experience with the symptoms of the downturn. They both have emphasized to Stop Champix & contact them asap if I start a downswing. This is different than depression has been for me in the past. Not so much Saddness & anxiety but more so just lack of passion, no HaHa & just missing ME. I will contact them if I Slide, but right now I just feel like my mission is to get thru the day & await the sparkle to ignite ...

    I have herniated a disc which is restricting me a lot as well so I think I'm grieving more than that nasty cancer stick.

    ..... waiting for the dopamine 😊

  • Melster..Very glad you are in proper hands...There is really some nasty stuff written on Champix...but as you mentioned it is normall quit "Blahness".

    I am impressed with Champix and although it is not a magic pill it worked for me.....And still suffered all the CT quit symptoms..with the extra nausea..!

    But that is in the past got the dopamine and serotonin flowing and rediscovered life the way it should be...!! it really is freedom..!!!

  • Hi Hercu,

    Would you mind telling me what herbal supplements you used? Did you really find they helped with your mood? I mean the negative example you gave above sounds pretty nasty! Or did you start taking them after that experience maybe?

    I am about to stop smoking when my supply of Tabex arrives and on a previous quit on Champix I have gotten quite severely depressed. I do have a diagnoses of major depressive syndrome and have had some bad episodes in the past, but luckily enough normally my medication works perfectly for me.

    Hi Melster,

    Sorry to drop in on your treat like this and asking questions of Hercu!

    If things don't improve for you why don't you try Tabex? Tabex is the actual natural ingredient (a plant extract) that the pharmacology companies have made into a synthesized product. Reason: Money.

    As such, it has the same action as Champix, but - so I have read - without all the nasty side effects. It is cheap and readily available online. My experience with Champix, though it worked, has lead me down this road. Never again! I agree there will no doubt be some grief like feelings after you stop, but Champix threw me into a deep depressive episode.

    Anyway, just a thought :)

  • HI Indigo...Sorry, due to the forum policy I am not allowed to supply product names..

    Please search on the web "supplements that could help smokers quit cigarettes"

    I believe that I may say that you must assist your brain to normally produce dopamine without the nicotine boost...Serotonin also very important. Fatty acid as in Fish oil/Krill oil is essential all three (3.6 and 9)

    All to do with the working of the happy chemical (Dopamine)

    I was about six weeks in my quit when I started to supplement and from there on I could cope..!!

  • Hey Hercu,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm really sorry to have put you on the spot though, because I was unaware of that policy. Having said that, I am in the process of googling what you mentioned in your reply now :) So thanks heaps!

    Yep completely agree that the brain needs some time to adjust its chemical levels without the aid of nicotine - as it would have to after stopping any addictive substances/behaviours that influence the brain's reward system - so if natural supplements can cover that gap then I'm all for it. I would image vitamines from the B group such as B1 are rather important as well.

    * # - Regarding the forum's policy of not allowing product names to be mentioned, which I completely understand by the way, was I in the wrong in my earlier message to write about what product I intend to use to stop smoking? Is it wrong to mention the more common stop smoking aids such as, champix or NRT? I would love some clarification on this from an administrator please ... * # -

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi Indigo71 - welcome to our community, it is fine to mention tried and tested quitting aids, but with regards other products, it is against policy of naming supplements which may be mis - advised or cause a adverse reaction for some members and HealthUnlocked could be held liable as we are not medical professionals here, just members trying to offer advice and support and share struggles to people quitting.... with regards herbal supplements, the health shop should be able to advise on what can help with your particular concern(s) for example, can help with anxiety and moodiness, lack of energy etc...

  • Thanks for clearing that up Roisin and yes I completely understand the reasoning behind the policy

  • Thank you Roisin !

  • Indigo...Roisin gave the perfect answer...!

    It will be so worth it to give to your body what is needed...Nicotine made us feel good but it was a false feel good..That is the reason we started with pack of ten and ended at 60 per day...Stay strong !!!

  • I have no experience of champix but I did experience a little depression and inertia during the first few weeks of my quit. Smoking filled a great amount of our time not to mention all that toxic material in our bodies so quitting is a massive transition to our minds and bodies. You will soon feel better I'm sure and the benefits are well worth these short lived feelings. Keep strong

  • Thanks for the reminder that my Mind & Body are Recovering from 8 yrs of self induced toxins. Makes sense that I need to be patient 😊

  • Hi Melster,

    I am today celebrating a year smoke free.

    I can't share any personal experience of Bipolar or Champix but can say that as a cold turkey quitter I had days when you could say boo to me and I burst into tears, moments when I felt like I could chew your hand off to smoke your fag, days when my mood swings could match any Gemini but I can say that these soon became less and less frequent and were replaced with more and more days of small joys; where the taste of a tomato was like an explosion of flavour never experienced before, the smell of my clean laundry was glorious and where I could run up the stairs without feeling like my chest was on fire.

    Keep going you are doing so well, the first few weeks are hard but the rewards will be worth it.


  • Thanks J9_54. Haha & I AM a Gemini! Knowing this BLAHness is Normal helps. I will keep Believing there are Brighter days ahead 🙏

  • Hi Melster,

    I have 5 weeks left to go on champix after extending the course by a few weeks and I'm a little apprehensive about stopping - the psychological battle begins in earnest then. Though it's helped with the cravings, I've been a grumpy bugger at times and have noticed pretty big mood swings. I've also noticed hugely different energy levels from 'normal' (I too find it difficult to get motivated); I don't know if this is down to the champix or if in fact I'm actually a big lazy grump ;) I found eating something alongside taking the champix helped with the nausea but if you can sleep through it in the mornings good for you. Stay with it though - I've come across so many people who have stopped champix early and who blame their relapse on this and am keen to give myself the best chance at quitting for good (I've quit loads of time before but relapsed each time).

    All the best,


  • Thanks George! I'm not usually too grumpy 😡 but these past few weeks I wish I could take a break from Myself! Ahhh well, just really looking forward to Laughing again.

    You hang in there too! 😊

  • Good to hear from you Melster - what you are feeling, the sadness, depression and even anxiety/depression is perfectly normal and feels exactly like mourning the loss of a friend which are very common withdrawals from quitting, even if going cold turkey.

    BUT I too am very surprised you have been prescribed Champix with having a history of bipolar and been stable for 10 years, I would definitely visit your doctor to discuss this sooner rather than later.....

    Post anytime and have a read of below pinned posts if not already done so..





    Keep us updated :)

  • Hi Roisin01

    Both my pharmacist & Dr said studies are showing that Champix hasn't increased triggering depression for ppl with bipolar, however there is for sure risks for sliding the depression slope. I'm more numb & uninterested in life than sad or anxious like my normal depression episodes. I think I'm feeling a little lost but 1 day at a time. I'm using an App which tells me I've not smoked 204 cigs & $ saved & 1 hr to 17 days 🤗 That all DOES MAKE ME SMILE! Thanks So Much for your support & I am keeping in touch with the pharmacist (who is Very involved with my Quit - or as He says - my Smoke Freeness 😁)

  • ah good to read Melster , so what you are experiencing is perfectly normal withdrawal from quitting, out and about in the fresh air, lots and lots of water and maybe some herbal supplements will do wonders, take these feelings as a good sign that your body and mind is working very hard to rewire, repair and recover..... you are doing great :)

  • How are you getting on Melster ?

  • Hi Roisin01. Thanks for checking in. I've bin very unmotivated but getting by ok. Sleeping & laying down Lots with the nausea. Minutes have turned into hrs which have turned into 22 days of not smoking! I'm just starting my second pack of Champix.

  • Hey Melster , good to read you are plodding along, I promise it does get easier as each day passes...

    With regards the nausea, have you tried below tip?

    Take the tablet(s) with nothing only water and a dry piece of toast, allow it to settle for about 5 minutes. If this tip is followed exactly like this, there should be no nausea.

    Also, another tip is peppermint - sweets, gum or even peppermint oils.

    As with all tablets, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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