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No Smoking Day
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Scootering...shooting...simmering with happy

Scootering...shooting...simmering with happy

Dear all...... hope this finds you very well. I've gone all soft and thinking I need to give thanks a lot more.

My e cig is starting to taste vile and I cried at work today. I also stood up for myself and my boy...

Taken lots of pictures and eaten my body weight in great food...

Sending a giant smile and giving thanks for this place...

Bests J x

Ps: I'm ridiculously excited for these guys to go from bud to pie 😂❤️

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Aww the emotional days... I still have them... shows we're human🌺

Sending positive vibes and definitely the same gratitude your feeling. I would not be 13 months smoke free with out this group👋😘




Wanda, you're so lovely!!! 13 months is AMAZING!!!!

Thank you so much love, have a great day ❤️🙏🏻


If your ecig is tasting vile perhaps you need to change the coil. I stopped smoking with the help of an ecig it really helped me through the first few months then I quit that too. Keep strong you can do this


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