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Well, I am still surprised I don't smoke anymore. This is like so surreal to me. I have no real cravings except for a little junk food here and there. I've read so much about what to expect, now I'm just waiting for these things to happen. The mucus issue that I've read others share about is slowly rearing its head, but I enjoy it knowing I'm getting a good cleansing. I also like how it makes my voice sound every now and then haha! I didn't have as much energy as I usually do this morning at Crossfit, but hopefully that will pick back up soon. I don't take vitamins and all that so I just gotta stay engaged with physical activity to keep my energy juices flowing. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Day 18 here, and I'll keep trucking on :)

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  • I'm on day 18 too. I found when I gave up once before that sometimes I had huge cravings for a cigarette. Whenever they occurred and I was able to I just went to bed and slept it off. When I woke up the cravings had gone. Use that strategy as a last resort.

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