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Smelly Kisses

Today has been smooth sailing so far except, of course, for my moody remarks here and there to loved ones. Anyway, I digress..

So today I am at a support group meeting and a lady sat by me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. She's a smoker. I felt so sick after smelling it on her and my cheek. I waited a min. then had to wipe my face off because it was just terrible.

I started thinking about how stinky I must have been, and how many times I've given my kids kisses but they never said anything about the smell. I've had people tell me I never smelled like smoke, but that was b/c I always had hand sanitizer on me to cover it up and if a sink was near I was SO OCD that I was a chronic hand washer b/c I hated the smell of smoke on me. Sick huh? Hated smoking, but couldn't quit. So glad I did now though! Don't have to worry about what I smell like. Instead, I gotta smell everyone else's stinky cig remains. Is it me, or does it smell like dirt? Either way, this is my update for today. 2 days without a nicotine patch, 2 weeks and 1 day smoke free.

Thank you all for being of great support through my rants. I feel better when I write (hence why my major in college is Creative Writing). Love ya'll and happy Saturday :)

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I hear ya Sheena with the smell of smoke of other smokers - it is revolting and over 20 months on and it still makes me feel physically sick. My hubbie gave up a year and a half before I did and I don't know how he coped with the stink of me, but now we are both quit, the kisses are more frequent and are no longer smelly :D

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Sheena...I have also noticed that you get "Smelly" smokers and then smokers that is "clean". In the past two years I wondered where I was but knew I smelled like a tobacco barn.

Well done, 2 weeks and 1 day is gr8...!! (Keep on writing....!!)

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I know....i often wondered how I smelled to others now as a non smoker I realise just how bad it stinks on people

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