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Day 28 cravings and smelly wkend

Yipeeee 28 days today £200 saved.....

Really struggled last week and so hard to describe more of a want than a crave...its those voices again... because of this I was really worried about going out Saturday night and warned my friends not to give me a fag...We meet at a friends house for drinks before we hit the town there was 7 of us, 5 smokers and me and a friend who quit at the same time, we all sat in the kitchen and the smokers smoked one after another cant even say it bothered me until I got in the pub and I could smell myself I absolutely stunk and this was confirmed by a non smoker I felt really embarrassed!!!!then whilst standing next to someone smoking I actually started to heave, all the passive smoking must have just got to me.

All night I kept thinking of the Nicodemon and the egg and very drunkenly tried to explain it to my friend who has quit she must have thought I had gone mad lol..but she ended up having a drag its so easy...

This is a really strange quit as I crave more when Im away from smokers than when im with them it doesn't make me want one just the reverse...xx

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Hi debbieh yeah maybe thats it been spending a lot of time on my own because cant be bothered to do anything (think it has to do with quit)...thinking im missing smoking lol....have decided I am gonna kick my **** into gear this week and get my bathroom painted but its now nearly 10 and am sat on here still in my dressing gown..:eek:


Well done Toyah, i have only had thoughts not cravings so far (im using champix though) and when i smell smoke it makes me heave big time, i end up holding my breath when walking up town lol, keep strong :)


Thanks spooks....yeah the smell really makes me heave especially peoples breath..xx


You may have struggled Toyah but you got through it. It will get easier every time. That's another point to you and another slap to the nicodemon.


Fantastic achievent, with five smokers, that is amazing will power.


thanks Mark and


Brilliant willpower Toyah! I too find that it's easier to be around smokers as it is very off putting!!! I found my quit to be a roller coaster of emotions and quite personality changing at times.

I became a bit reclusive for a while - particularly when I was down about missing my "best friend". It took me a few months to realise that smoking was not my best friend at all - but I needed distance from it to realise that.

You are doing so well in your quit and your ability to resist temptation should see you go from strength to strength!



Hi there Sarah...I know what you mean about the reclusive bit....would sooner sit on my sofa and read than go out and about and must say I feel a bit like Ive lost something or somethings missing well long may it stay missing lol...Got a bit of work today then im gonna paint my bathroom ceiling...xx


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