Thanks a bunch!

Wow, it really is getting much better. I've looked for help everywhere and seriously quit smoking. I'm so glad right now... it's really great. I still feel like smoking many times but I will never go back to hurting myself like that!

Thanks a lot, I read you all the time every single moment I've got cravings, so even if I can't really answer or say much, it's been of a lot of help!

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  • The occasional desire to smoke sticks around for a while, but it gets easier with time. Congrats.

  • Good on ya. It gets easier.

  • hi Lula-kig

    what a lovely post 😁

    always be ready and always on guard 😁

    keep positive,you are doing great 😁

    you have a good day,😁

    take care 😊

  • Absolutely brilliant x well done you are winning!! (And no people were hurt during this quit 😂)

  • Nice positive post Lula-kig . In this situation the grass is definitely greener on the other side. Well done.


  • Good to read such a positive post Lula, keep that sword up and ready to attack at all times :)

  • Thanks everyone. I think what I did differently this time was asking for help, telling my story and reading other people's stories. It actually makes all the difference. Again, thanks

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