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8th day!

I am on day 8 of no smoking. I feel am feeling ok and Havnt had a day like I did on Wednesday. (Thank goodness) one incentive to not smoke again is that I would never want to go through this again. It's mad because you have no control over when the cravings will strike and have literary been like a punch to the face.

I had a massive breakthrough yesterday though as I went out for dinner and drinks (a lot) and didn't have one single cigarette. This is a massive deal as I have NEVER drank without a cigarette before. Ironically the 3 people I was out with all smoked and I still didn't go near one. I feel this has been a great breakthrough.

I'm still going through the motions and have good times if the day and bad but I am taking it one day at a time.

Is there anything else I should expect in my second week? Any common trends?

Thanks everyone

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That's a BIG hurdle you've got over Matt - brilliant for so early in your quit. An early night on the drink has broken many a quit (I speak from experience)

I would just take the 2nd week more or less the same as you have taken the first. Expect some cravings and be ready to fight them. Also expect to "forget" that you don't smoke anymore. It sounds daft but it happens; when you think, "I'll just finish this then have a smoke" or "I'll have a cigarette when I get home" That sort of thing. I found these cravings the hardest to deal with as they come completely out of the blue.

Keep up what you're doing anyway...because it's working!


Massive congratulations Matt on your first night out and succeeding in doing it smoke free. So many caved in here on mixing the alcohol and socializing, to do it in just over a week shows how determined you are.

Keep up that focus and determination for the next few weeks ahead, you are doing so well :)


Wow!!! That is just fantastic! Well done.... for me (only 29 days in) it was very physical things... keep going because that's amazing :)

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Thanks guys!!


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