No Smoking Day
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34 days

Well hello everyone. How have we been doing? It's been 34 days since I haven't had a cig and I have my good/bad days. At work I don't think about it so much it's when the kids are stressing me out. I still haven't gone through the smokers cough and I'm praying I don't. I have gained some weight but not a lot. Next week I'm going to start walking after work to get that extra weight I put on. I also bought a woman's devotional to help me distress. If anyone needs a listening ear I'm here for you.

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34 days is fantastic!

Stress is such a big trigger. and a smoke won't help. You'll only feel dissappointed in yourself and still have to deal with whatever is causing the stress anyway. Stay strong!

Keep going, you got this!


So encouraging and positive! Well done!! :) so great to see people's stories...

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What is a woman's devotional?


Gator...Nice.. Keep up the good work !!


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