34 days

Well hello everyone. How have we been doing? It's been 34 days since I haven't had a cig and I have my good/bad days. At work I don't think about it so much it's when the kids are stressing me out. I still haven't gone through the smokers cough and I'm praying I don't. I have gained some weight but not a lot. Next week I'm going to start walking after work to get that extra weight I put on. I also bought a woman's devotional to help me distress. If anyone needs a listening ear I'm here for you.

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  • 34 days is fantastic!

    Stress is such a big trigger. and a smoke won't help. You'll only feel dissappointed in yourself and still have to deal with whatever is causing the stress anyway. Stay strong!

    Keep going, you got this!

  • So encouraging and positive! Well done!! :) so great to see people's stories...

  • What is a woman's devotional?

  • Gator...Nice.. Keep up the good work !!

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