Second week still madness

Hi everyone! I quit 2 weeks ago and it's the first time I've been so long smoke-free. I quit cold turkey after listening to Alan Carr's video on youtube (i had read the book on my previous quits) and watching many videos a day. I cannot believe I am a non-smoker now! I discovered these forums kind of late but they've been really helpful as my mood has been horribly terrifying for the past week.

Were you moody as well? I am having constant fights with my boyfriend and we have broken up about 3 times a day on a good day. Any tips? Any island I can move to?

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  • Well done on 2 weeks!

    Don't feel bad about the terrible moods. I got them and it's one of the most common complaints on here. It's normal to be abnormal! As far as tips go I would just accept that you're going to be like this for a little longer and let people know that you're stopping smoking, so you might be a little irritable for a while.

    If your boyfriend knows what's good for him he'll do exactly as you say until it all settles down :-)

  • Hahajaha thanks!

  • hi Lula-kig ,well done on quitting 😊.

    im half way into my second week of quitting cold turkey andnive found the moods have eased off this week ,not gone but definatly eased .i think i have pretty much cheesed everone off this past couple weeks .just hang in there a bit longer it can only get easier every day x

  • p.s if you find an island i may have to move there too lol

  • Lula... Excellent post... Yes, I stayed out of the house to avoid unneccecary confrontations but my poor dog could not undrestand.. !!!! but luckely it also goes away and you will be yourself soon... Also wished for an Island and glad my wish was not granted but instead found this for...This became my Island and worked for me !!!

  • Just roll with it. All those symptoms will get better with every day you go without a smoke I promise I smoked a life time I don't need them any more. You have past the hardest part of your quit Your boy friends will Forgive you and you will look and smell better stay strong those cravings don't last as long As you have come in your quit . Read all you can about the poison chemicals in A smoke and what it does to your brain . I'm the guy that has 8 months no cigarette under his belt. holly cow

  • Wow people, thank you so much, you dont have an idea of how much your support means to me. It's really the hardest most amazing thing we can do for ourselves and I think it has a lot to do with self respect and loving oneself, which makes it harder sometimes!

  • Such an honest and heartfelt thing to read. Yep moody. Yep physical symptoms rubbish... thankfully just my son and I! And some pets :)

    I still feel it's all a bit surreal if I'm honest, it's reading other people's experiences which definitely help me keep going because I agree with you about the self respect thing being s bit difficult x

    Well done at getting this far and continuing to put yourself before smoking... a brilliant place this is :) x

  • Welcome Lula-kig and congratulations on over 2 weeks quit. I too quit cold turkey over 19 months ago, it was a bumpy road, a very bumpy road at times but as each day passes, each trigger overcome, the stronger you become, what you are feeling now is perfectly normal and will ease shortly.

    Stay close to us and post anytime, below is a link to some helpful posts if not already read..

  • Hey thanks, I am reading a lot and it helps with the brainwash I need. I am much stronger now and thanks to this kind of pages, getting stronger everyday

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