No Smoking Day
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9 Days

Feeling good! Thanks Roisin for the tip about eating dry toast before taking Champix, and then taking it with a full glass of water. It really helped. Only minimal nausea yesterday and none today.

Funny thing though, I've started having a few cravings now I don't feel so nauseated. But I've got 9 days invested so far and this is the longest I've ever achieved so I'm not giving in. Coffee doesn't taste so good though without the smoke, so switched to tea instead.

Good things I've noticed:

Breathing is so much easier!

My tongue is PINK!

My sense of smell and taste are stronger.

I've got more money now I'm not buying cigs!

I'm not planning my life around smoking!!

Everyone have a great non-smoking day!

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Great to read taurean7 and that you are reaping in the benefits :) Glad the nausea has settled down for you!


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