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Flyers and corner shops

As I arrive home from work, the usual bills, with a mound of take away food flyers, and then a flyer from the corner shop, now I've been really really adult like and not frequented my corner shop, but the coffee, that I drink, is in the flyer with a reduction of £2.00 ( not a lot I know ) but when buying 5 jars that's a ten pound saving, talk about feeling all grown up, I entered with a bit of fear, as I know lurking in the corner are dreaded cigarettes, but no 5 jars bought, with no thought of buying those nasty things.

I'm not to happy about being a adult at times. As you have to be serious, and always have a funny look that says ( I told you so) but adult I was.

In and out, quicker than a ferret up a farmers trouser.

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Haha your post made me laugh 😂 I'm exactly the same with shops.. I avoided them for the first 2 weeks! But now I go in with enough cash to buy what I need and no more so the temptation is not there but go you for getting over that hurdle.. it's a big deal x

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Nailed it!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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Well done Tracey!! Stay strong! X 😊


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