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No Smoking Day
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another corner turned

u know the last few days i have felt totally different

smoking thoughts are now fleeting thoughts how the hell did that happen

i used to think about it constantly never in a million years could i comprehend having fleeting thoughts

me having fleeting thoughts just wasnt gonna happen but IT HAS

me not thinking about smoking just wasnt gonna happen IT HAS

is it like the theory with hypnotism the less u believe it the more susceptible u will be

was it because the more i believed i wouldnt get to this point the easier it has happened

i dont know and dont care how it happened it has and it was so gradual i didnt notice it creeping up on me

but i am happy and thats most important as i return to work on the 19th and that is a massive trigger i havent faced yet so i need to be in exactly the right mind set for that and i think i am now i am still gonna take my inhalator with me even though i havent needed to use it for 2 days just incase, would rather use the inhalator than be tempted with a cigarette that some working collegue may offer me to make themself feel better about smoking

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Hi boo well done on your quit. I know what you mean in not having the craves so much now, I just said to my husband just before I read your post that he was not praising me now like he did at the start of my quit, and he replied I forgot that you where quiting, and I was normal again, but I did remind him I still needed him to tell me how great I was doing.

Anyway Boo well done hun you should be so proud of yourself.

Joan xxx


Wow that's good to know Boo.

Well done you! Long time no smoke!


Well done Boo!

I feel the same now, and it's such a relief not to be constantly craving. I am having these more detached 'thoughts' now (I posted about it - my inner junkie keeps trying to persuade me that I've gone so long I've earned a smoke) but it's not the same as craving. And it's not all the time. I can go days now hardly even thinking about smoking, and like you, I never thought I'd ever get to that point.

Congratulations on a great quit!!

H xx


Oh boo - i'm so chuffed for you - enjoy it as much as you can, you earned it!

Cant wait to be where you are one day! WELL DONE:D


agreed boo....it has gotten soooooo much better than in the beggining. finally we are really seeing the light!! :)


thank u for all your replies

its because of all of u i have got this far

all my wobbly moments wen i have posted on here especially near the beginning were times i would have gone back to cigarettes without a doubt but u all saved me and encouraged me and supported me

you are all amazing people

and karri u can do this to u are stronger than u think u remind me of myself in alot of your posts and i never thought i could do this and get to this point and i have, so u can to, u help and support everyone on here and we will do the same for u

still not felt i have needed my inhalator this is the third day but if i have a wobble i wont hesitate to use it rather use the inhalator than a cigarette

i have come to far now to even think about going back

keep up the good work everyone


oh yeah helsbelles

i know what u mean about the little voice saying u have done so well u could have a reward i have him wobbling on in my head to but u have to just have to see him for the low life he is and say kiss my a** u little nicodemon i dont hear u like i used its like 'i'm not listening nananananana' haha


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