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No Smoking Day
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Think i've turned a corner.

Well, I think today is quite a significant day for me. Today is my 'perfect' smoking day. Everybody has gone out and won't be back until 4ish and these would be the moments that I would love when I was smoking, uninterrrupted, no-one to judge me, no need to be embarrassed about popping out for another!

I will admit that it did occur to me that I could go and get a pack of 10 and smoke a few and no-one would be any the wiser, but the great thing was that I didn't want to. I can't believe it, it wasn't a case of talking myself out of it, I just didn't want to.

I know i'm not out of the woods yet, but at the moment i'm well chuffed.

Have a good weekend all,

Lorraine :D

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Well done Lozza! That's exactly how I've been for the past few days. The temptation isn't there nor is the desire. I guess it's like getting tattoos from head to toe. We could all (well most of us) go out and get it to if we wanted, but we don't.

YAY for you :)


YAY to you to, glad it's good for you.

Just been reading my posts from last year when I was nearly 4 months quit. OMG they seem so strong and confident, how bloody spooky. Reading my last post and knowing that in the few days that followed I gave up and smoked :o

I'm keep extra vigilant!! Be aware, be very very aware!



Thank you

Hey Lozza,

Well done you on getting to such a positive place!

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing about last year cos I think this morning I was getting a bit complacent and was tempted to go out patch free in the company of smokers but after having a quick read on here I used it as a reality check and know that I have a long way to go and need to stay vigilant. Hope you don't mind me mentioning that.



Chuffed you should be!

Well done the moments when no-one is the wiser is when it's best!

Keep strong

Well done



Thanks guys, and no problem Debs, I wasn't aware last year that I had got complacent about it at all, it's only looking back on it now, and even reading some of my old posts, it feels to me like I was looking for an excuse to smoke. But they say forewarned is forearmed, so be warned!!

Thanks again,

Lorraine :)



In 2008 i'd been quit 8 months and i fell off my quit on christmas day with what i called a christmas treat of a cigar which then led to many more... and funnily enough i'd kept a quit journal for those 8 months and my last log entries then were oozing with confidence too. The trouble starts when you think you are able to bypass the laws of addiction, which is why each and everyone of us has to always avoid the temptation of the 'just one' because one invariably leads to many more, and even if you just had one, you do wake up alot of your old addiction.

You are in a good place now, getting your first taste of a day like that is just the start.. hang in there now, continue to be smoke free, and you'll get many many more.

Good luck and enjoy the days like that as you get them. don't be afraid to post ever if you get any not so good days too.



Hi Lorraine :D

That's great and you certainly seem to have turned the corner from a quitter to a NON SMOKER well done


Marg xx


Well done, now it matters to you if you had one rather than what anyone else would say. Keep up the good work and you will be a winner.



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