Three years already !!

As the title say's ! Enjoying every minute of it too. My quit was dead easy, quit or die !

When facing something serious & putting your mind to it it is possible to do anything, quitting smoking at least !

I would never had thought it possible, tried & failed many times. One great benefit is I have not had so much spare cash in my pocket in my life, I now afford things that I had to do without in the past. I honestly wish I had quit years ago.

Go for it.

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  • Amazing Gus....Although there is no money to throw around suddenly there is something for that odd thing you wanted...I have said it so many times that I wished that I have stopped many years ago but best would have been to never have started...!!!!!!

    Huge Congrats on the three years...!!!

  • Thanks Hercu. You're right, there are many incentives to quit, all worth It too !

  • Welcome gus607 and congrats on 3 years, great first post - hope all our newbies read it and are inspired - will be a year and a half in March and feeling great!

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