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The Octoquitters: three years on for the School of Oct'09 -


Hi, Well who would have believed it? Three years on and I'm sitting in exactly the same place at the same table with the same view that I did three years ago and was posting all these new scary non-smoking experiences (as well as throwing up with the effects of Champix!) I can remember the mile-stones of one week, etc as our group made its way through the different stages of the forum.

I hardly ever pop in here but just had to come in on our anniversary month to see if anyone else is still around. We were (are) a great bunch and the Octoquits 09 journey still seems like yesterday in some ways but literally years and years away in another.

It hardly seems necessary to post about smoking as it's not something I even think of nowadays (apart from my dreams where I am still a smoker which is very weird and I often wake up cross with myself and wondering why I started smoking again).

Anyone who is starting out and reading this, stay with the quit. It will be worth it. Ride through the tough times. The freedom it will bring is worth it. Just think, how many times do you meet someone who has given up smoking and regrets that decision? Now compare it with how many smokers regret every starting.

It was great to have shared the quit with such a fabulous group of people. Not sure I would ever have done it without you. Now I wonder if anyone else will pop in in the next month.

Love and best wishes,


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Thanks for popping back and giving us newbies an update on your progress. In fact i shouldn't even call it progress as you should have cracked it by now.

Obviously you must be delighted with what you have achieved and rightly so. Never doubt how hard it was even after all this time. You have found the holy grail where many have failed. Congrats to you and your new sense of freedom.

Hi Sue - lovely to hear from you, I'm still around (only pop in every now and again though now) :D

Yes it really DOES get easy doesn't it! I hardly think about smoking now either - I don't want or need to smoke, it's a great sense of freedom! :D

I have the odd smoking dream too. :)

Great post Sue ! Am still quit and despite loads of stress etc I will never light up again ! Hope all the other octos are going strong. Good luck to all those starting out- use this website it is brilliant especially in the early days, our group shared a lot of fun as well as supporting through some tough times . I always make a point of looking at the prices as well, it makes me feel warm to think that I dont have to find the cash to support a habit that was slowly killing me. Mr Duckling still off too. We are heavier and keep threatening to do more

Louise xx


Another inspiring post

reaching 3 years is great achievement and will certainly help to inspire the new people just starting out on there journey


Thank you

Wonderful to see you still maintaining that same lead Sue :)

Duck, lovely to hear from you too, please pass on my congrats to Mr Duck ;)

3 Years for me too :cool: I'm a little lighter than when I quit tho' :D

Still cycling, feeling great on the ADF eating plan, Pilates ... never felt better.

I'll never forget those early days/weeks/months of my quit. My reason for quitting a result of dental work and I only intended to quit for 8 weeks.

Got to the 8 week mark and continued on.

I fell in to my quit with my head not ideally placed but reading ahead from those further into their quit helped, loads.

Forewarned and all that. By being prepared I made that transition from reluctant quitter to willing quitter to ex smoker. I embraced my quit, I made it mine. I owned it.

As for the Octos (2009) ... the red wine's on me. Cheers guys x

And the rest is history ... a healthier better history and a great future.


3 years - Awesome Achievement! Very inspirational for those of us just starting out on our quit journey.

Fi x

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